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Make the Amish Swamp Skrell Tribe things, a muddier brown


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So with the latest lore change that I discovered with some degree of horror. The green/turquoise Skrell are now moss loving tribals, which is... not sitting well with me. For me and some other people, the greener skrell is the original skrell, it is THEE skrell. So, the idea that all the green skrell players now are suddenly playing tribals (unless we have some story about how they want to leave their tribe to be like white man in big city, which is a pain) is just a bad taste.

Sure, from an outsider's perspective this seems pretty cool, especially if you're partial to the whole tribal thing with aliens. But it's kind of a rock the boat that didn't seem to be asked for. But I suppose, a race that is far more technologically advanced than the others, may somehow not assimilate it's tribal cultures for some... reason? So, just make them a muddier sewage colour? Something that would suit well with living in a swamp and rolling around in filth, smashing computers with clubs?

And then have the Green Skrell back to their good old fashioned intelligent, technologically advanced selves no?

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I am surprised to hear that some people have a concept of "THE skrell". I did not know anybody still played the race :lol:

I think people should be able to make their Skrells whatever color they want, as long as it looked good. They're squid/salamander things, and those species have a lot of different pastel colors in the wild, right?

As for species, I think the concept of subspecies is pretty complicated. It's not something that a lot of sci-fi expands on unless it's necessary. You shouldn't need to take an anthropology class just to play as an alien. Let's start with just one type of Skrell and see what people want. :)

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