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How much do the Alien races weigh on average?

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Alright - I don't own any of the species, but here's an insight as to what I believe is:

All organics species have a similar density. Of course, this means that Skrell are indeed lighter because they're shorter in general. Unathi may be a little bit on the heavier side (especially the larger specimens), while Tajara can vary, depending on how much of their body volume is hair.

IPCs, though - they're probably quite heavy since they most likely have an endoskeleton made of steel (though arguably, with materials science in 2457, it might not impossible to make high-strength thin steel tubes with a density on-par with bone and extreme structural strength) and a silicon brain, along with large amounts of servos and such (though I'm pretty sure the power cell that's inserted during construction is also not very light). But that depends on how the IPC lore will go.

So that's my insight, I'll summon the lore owners for each species for you.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Unathi weight an average of 210 pounds. Most of the weight comes from their armored plates and resulting bulky frame needed to support all that weight. A "lankey" Unathi would be about 195 pounds. The lightest a Unathi could realistically be on the Aurora is 190.

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Dionaea's weight varies on several factors. Depending on how many nymphs there are and how many body mass they have grown to, a Dionaea Worker can be anywhere from 100 to 240 pounds (with rare exceptions allowing as low as 80 pounds). Any higher mass, however, is unlikely - as it borders their structural strength in regular gravity.

However, that only applies to Worker-class. Nymphs are between twenty and forty pounds each, and larger forms have no theoretical mass limit.

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Vaurca weight is dependent on how tall they are and how thick their exo-skeleton is,A Type A Worker weighs around 150-180 due to their height generally being shared by all other types in their species hives, barring specific modifications made by that hive.

A type B Warrior type is roughly 210 to 230 pounds, the sub type BA being closer to 260 due to the modifications made to them and their more considerable height going from five to nine feet tall.

Type BB's sitting at three hundred pounds due to the heavy modifications made to them leaving them like a mobile weapons platform,

type BC's is hard to tell as they are turned from invalid A and B's into what can be compared to be human vehicles, from land based, air based or even submarine based types their weight varies entirely,

A CA type can be three hundred pounds or more due to their massive size, and a type CB weighs roughly the same as a type A worker.

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