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[Accepted] Frances' Chemist Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: FFrances

Total Ban Length: Until the heat death of the universe and beyond

Banning staff member's Key: VikingKingpin

Reason of Ban: Played a drug-dealing chemist during extended and made a bunch of jokes

Reason for Appeal: Because I won't play as a drug-dealing chemist during extended and make a bunch of jokes anymore.

Seriously, that ban was pretty clear cut. I, er, solemnly promise not to meddle with forces beyond my control, and so on, so on. There's really not much chucklefucking left to do with my partner in crime banned, anyway.

I've been experimenting with medical again, and even though I don't know if I'd have any concrete plans to play as a chemist at the time, it'd probably be better (and safer) if I could get the jobban lifted. Plus I don't really want to play on two ckeys while having outstanding bans on one, because somebody is probably going to use that to tell me that having two ckeys is bad. :roll:

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