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Do you like games like ARMA, but your computer is trash and can't play it? Do you like ARMA, but think the way it's done is stupid? Do you just like Battlefield, and want it more 'realistic'? If you said 'yes' to any or all of those, you should probably be checking out Project Reality if you haven't.

As a decently old-ish mod for Battlefield 2, Project Reality attempts to recreate the popular FPS by implementing more realistic features. A much more heavy focus of squad based mechanics is in the game itself creates a community in which each squad has an important (and specialized) role, should they be flying a helicopter, driving an APC, or running around on foot. Unlike main Battlefield games, it's impossible for an infantry squad to take control of an abandoned APC, or a transport-helicopter crew to land and drive around in a boat.

Due to PR being on the BF2 engine, any computer that was bought within the last few years will be able to play the game smoothly. At the same time, the BF2 engine makes Project Reality look dated, but it doesn't take away too much from the game.

Some videos of the game:

So yeah. Anybody else ever play PR?

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Despite being part of an Arma3 community that ironically took itself seriously, we spent a good deal on Battlefield 2 vanilla servers. I occasionally still play from time to time with them on PR, which is honestly just cool as fuck what with the effort its development team put into making a truly awesome updated experience.

would endorse, recommend you get friends to be able to team up/goof off with.

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