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Command Alt-titles

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Station Administrator

Head of Personnel

Crew Resources Officer

Human Resources Director

Head of Security

Security Commander

Research Director

Chief Science Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Director

Internal Affairs Agent

Internal Affairs Consultant

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It helps diversify characters, provide more personalization. Captain is a strange name to identify the manager of a stationary laboratory.

I also don't see how this would be confusing, there would only be one of each role every role at a time just like now, and they are all pretty straight forward.

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I figured the captain was just the name of the person in charge of running a space station. It kinda makes sense when you think about it, because all ships have a captain, whether they be merchant, commercial, military, etc. So there's nothing inherently "odd" about the title.

Anyway, my biggest fear is... right now heads all have one name, and have been that way since the dawn of SS13. You don't have a bloke in charge of medbay, you have a CMO. If the CMO starts randomly wanting to be called "Medical Director" (which has the same initials as the regular MD, and also shares the "director" qualifier with the RD) things are bound to get confusing.

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I'm much in line with what the current psychology on alternate titles is. That being that if the title is alternated so should there be a significantly noticeable gameplay alternate. The alternate title for cyborgs all indicate a different processor. The alternate title for forensic technician gives a different starting loadout. The alternate title for geneticist indicates their focus. It is my belief that we should continue this trend, further segregating and distinguishing the alternate titles already present. Alternate titles for aesthetics alone strikes me as singularly useless.

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