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Security's Mag locks, or, Insufficient Supply


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This may be a bit 'small' on the big'ol list of suggestions, but:

--The brig currently has three mag locks in the armory. I feel that the brig should have (at least) enough mag locks to close all auxiliary entry points to the brig. (Side entrance, Medical Entrance, Maintenance Entrances)

So, that being said, why not ship some more Mag locks over. Say, 4 - 6?

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You should be using the security lockdown function in the Head of Security's/Warden's office if you want to cover all access points. From what I've seen, the mag locks are more effective in creating choke-points in one/two-way areas. The brig is spacious enough to the point where you can deploy from multiple avenues as a traitor.

The maglocks are more useful in denying crew access to specific areas, especially if you have folks who think it wise to be spectating gun fights.

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