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Neck Slot


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what it says on the title, a slot you can place items that would go onto your neck. Now, I know what you're thinking "Canon you damn scrub, we don't have items that can be worn on your neck!" which is why, I came up with this list of possible neck items.

Gold Necklace

Silver Necklace

Gold chain

Bandannas which can be worn on your head or on your neck slot to conceal your identity(like with gas masks.)

Those are just a couple of normal items, the neck slot can also open up new possibilities for custom items. Leave your thoughts here, and if you got an idea for another neck slot item, go ahead and leave it.

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Actually, we do have items that should be worn on the neck, but are equipped to your mask slot instead. One of those is the holobadge chain for security officers. I don't think anybody ever uses it because:

1) You need other, more important things on that slot like a mask.

2) It makes no sense that you're not able to wear a necklace AND a mask.

3) Nobody wants to imagine that they have a necklace wrapped around their face instead of their neck.

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