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Antag Unban Request

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BYOND Key: Spider4062

Total Ban Length: Permanent antag ban

Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus

Reason of Ban: Reason given: luring someone from the shuttle, stunning them and then planting C4 on them. Date applied: 27NOV2015.

Reason for Appeal: Well, I took my time after being antag banned. I re read the rules and I eventually realized what I did was pretty dickish, blowing someone up after the shuttle was called. I did take the experience to improve my RP and all, I play the character Jesse Armstrong, which you may know, even though i'm on vacation i'm still trying to get on the server. I enjoy playing as an antag, it's a new experience that doesn't pressure you with objectives and lets you make the game fun for everyone. I did what I did because I was made a mid-round antag, and panicked to try something, I had read the rule as not initiating in combat on the shuttle, but missed the part on the hallway near it and such. I enjoy this server a lot, it's a pity not being able to play as an antagonist, as I quite enjoy it.

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