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[ACCEPTED] Lunar University of Medical Science (LUMS)

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): University

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Founded in Harmony City, 2190

Region of Space: Sol

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol's Department of Education (????????)

Other Snapshot information:

Long Description:

A public university in the better section of Luna, it has been running it's facilities for about 266 years. It was founded and lead by medical physician Dr. H.S. Cooper, PhD who recently came from Earth and had established the primary campus in Harmony City. It is one of the first few medical universities to open up on Luna after there was need for a push of medical science after the constructions of biomes were nearly completed. It ranks exceptionally well with Family Medicine, Neurosciences, Surgery, and is a contender with other peer departments with Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Pharmacology. The current dean is L.Q. Anderson, PhD.

Admission to the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the most competitive of the graduate program. For the MD class entering in 2452, a little more than 1,500 applicants were interviewed out of a total number of 14,700 applicants. Approximately 300 individuals were accepted to fill 177 spots. Curriculum revisions occur each year in response to student and faculty evaluations. Additional task forces are looking at how best to develop longitudinal themes throughout the curriculum that will better prepare students for the challenges facing health care, and effective and equitable health care delivery in the Common Era.

(let me know if I must add more, but this is your basic medical school)

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