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Pootismaniac Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: (Pootismaniac)

Total Ban Length: ( 4320 minutes.)

Banning staff member's Key: (serveris6)

Reason of Ban: (You have been banned by serveris6.)

Reason: End of round grief..

This is a temporary ban, it will be removed in 4320 minutes.

To try to resolve this matter head to http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=)

Reason for Appeal: So we got a pretty hectic changeling round, with the HOS being one of them and being directly responsable for the death of two crew members(The IAA and The Detective, which the later I personally witnessed myself).

Me and a good chunk of the security staff, with the blessings of the AI, decided to arrest the captain (Valorallen Vitellia) for endangering the crew, since he was constantly ignoring the fact that the HOS was a shapeshifting alien that murdered the IAA with several witnesses, violently resisted arrest and in a later event murdered the detective which i witnessed. The danger coming from his constant insistence at keeping the HOS free with his full rights and duties as a Head of Staff.

Anyway, what got me banned was that when we docked in centcomm with both the captain and the HOS being in custody, after we put them inside the centcomm holding cells, the HOS after being unbuckled by an officer grew an armblade and attempted to break out of the cell via bashing the windows into tiny shards, an attempt that was twarted by me going inside and stunning him with my baton. My baton was afterwards out of charge along with my taser from previous arrests i had to make.

Knowing that the hos was highly dangerous with the ling stings ( Which i experienced myself via being blinded, muted and paralysed semmingly from just standing near him) and having no good alternative for stunning, i've had decided to neutralize him temporally via bone breaking harm baton, which i knew it wasen't going to kill him due to him literally regenerating from the dead during interrogation. IAM had told me to stop, which i very shortly after did after seeing the chat, afterwards around 10 seconds later, more or less, i was banned with the reason: End of round Grief..

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I was present for this.

Honestly Rin, this is pretty clearcut EOR grief. All conflict is supposed to stop on the departures shuttle, to say nothing of actually at CC.

It is, however, true that the HoS decided to start breaking out of his cell at CC, something that we couldn't really do anything about without incurring the admin's wrath.

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I was the Captian for this round, while I will say this round was pretty bad all around, you did go and kill the HoS at Odin which no matter what, all conflict needs to stop once the shuttle docked. If the HoS broke out, the staff would have dealt with is accordingly. It was a blatant break of the rules there.

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Isn't this mostly about intent now? the RP'ing doesen't stop after we reach centcomm, One thing is two assistents punching each other to be dicks and another is an officer having to deal with an agressive and dangerous alien that is breaking out of it's cell with an armblade (which isn't something i can just strip and forget about).

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Banning moderator here.

I winded you after issuing two warnings during shuttle transit that I would begin issuing three-day bans to anyone that contributed to anymore outright antagonistic attacks on the shuttle.

I noticed the Head of Security, Josef Keelin, pop an arm blade after they were placed in an NSS Odin brig cell. This is on them. As soon as they whacked the cell window twice, I had winded them.

And then you walked into the cell with your stun baton out, and harmbattoned them three times, in the head, after they were already stunned. As I was already occupied with PMing two people, and the round had already been delayed, and I had already issued several notices that I intended to ban people for exactly what you did, I made the decision to go ahead and deal out the three day ban. Alberyk and Tablespoon were also present during this incident.

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I was there... I was the arresting officer of Rin for her actions at the N.S.S. Odin. I cuffed Rin and shoved her in the Holding Cell, while Captain was just standing wondering what was going on. I didn't like how you treated the Changeling with that behavior. Ove has evidence.

Also... There is several complaints against you. Ove would like you to make your defense.


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