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Apex & Ft Sunder Joint Military Academies

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Educational Facility/Organization

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2381

Region of Space: Epsilon Eridani V / high orbit of Epsilon Eridani V

Controlled by (if not a faction): Eridani Corporate Federation/Eridani Federal Military

Other Snapshot information: Two facilities organized together to form the central pillars of military education for the Eridani Federal Military, with Fort Sunder training prospective officers and SEN Apex training future non-commissioned officers.

Long Description: Fort Sunder is established on the outskirts of Oran, and is effectively the second largest military base operated by the Eridani Federal Army, next to Fort Atrix (which is located smack dab in the centre of Oran). It serves as a major training centre for primarily the FedArmy forces, however, under the Joint Military Academies initiative, the entirety of the introductory commissioned officer's school and related courses have been set up there. As such, prospective officers from the FedNavy are shipped there for the duration of their candidacy.

SEN Apex, Station of the Eridani Federal Navy, is a large facility floating in geostationary orbit above a large ocean. It acts as the nervous hub for the Eridani Federal Navy, and, despite their unwillingness to admit it, for the Eridani Federal Army as well. However, alongside sublevels containing information analysis and dispersion hubs are built multiple facilities to encompass the training of infantry. To that end, the schools there have been expanded to serve the entirety of the FedMil.

Excerpts from the documentation built around the Eridani Federal Military:


The status of a Non-Commissioned Officer is awarded once a soldier reaches the paygrade of N0-4 or higher. All NCOs, regardless of branch, must complete a 4 week course held by the Eridani Federal Navy and Marine Combat Group aboard Apex station. The training there is built to brace the mind of a leader for frontline leadership, focusing heavily on decisionmaking under heavy strain. It is rumored that certain portions of training are conducted by NEST operatives.


All officers of the Eridani Federal Military earn their commission by passing through the 12 week training hosted by the Eridani Federal Army in Fort Sunder. The training is composed of a curriculum which focuses on core leadership criteria and general warfare, meaning that all officers must, at a later date, pass through more specialized schooling for their respective duties.

Unlike enlisted ranks, officer ranks are universal in the Eridani Federal Military.

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I was considering retconning Vira's backstory, but I didn't want her in the Sol Alliance. Might put her as an ex-Eridany Navy CWO in special operations coordination and make her a year or two older.

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