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Chemical/Medical Specism


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This is intended as an emmenently practical (by which I mean reasonably codable) suggestion by which chemistry code can be altered to favor humans, and to make xenomedicine a little more interesting.

Because medicine already works lighting fast, my suggestion is to reduce the efficacy of medicine for each non-human species. Yes, that includes skrell. NT is a human corporation, not a Skrell corporation, and has primarily human doctors and human medicine. So, for Urist McMoonman, nothing changes.

For Unathi:

Big fat lizards get a big fat 50% reduction to their metabolic rate for all medicines, and a 20% reduction to the efficacy of most medicines. This means slow (aka slightly-less-than-lighting-fast) healing for the liggers.

Drugs also default to an OD level of 40 rather than 30.

For Tajarans:

Our fuzzy wuzzy catbeasts get a 50% increase to their metabolic rate and a 40% reduction in the efficacy of most medicines. Which means they heal from meds almost as fast as humans, but burn through more drugs doing so. And what's worse, their default OD level is reduced to 20. Xenofeline medicine can be a challenge, and cats will run through drugs like soporific faster than their human or unathi counterparts.

For Skrell:

The squogs (half squid, half frog) suffer a 20% reduction in medical efficacy and, because they're probably cold blooded (help me fffffffffrances) get a 20% reduction in metobolic speed. But, they also get another medicine which will most certainly not be called warbletupizine, which is complex to manufacture, poisonous to other species, and basically a panacea for Skrell.

Oh, and like the Unathi their default OD level is 40.

For Diona:

Too alien, no benefit from any current medication. Instead, they recover health from basic chemicals like water, carbon, radium, and the likes. Or something. I don't know as I've ever seen a diona in medbay and I don't know much about their lore, either.

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Could be nice. Would be a bit awkward for doctors coming directly from Baycode, buuuut they'll adapt. It's not like giving water to a Tajaran would make them explode or anything like that.

What I like about this isn't that it nerfs species or discriminates against them, actually, but that it actually makes species feel different from a medical standpoint. That's something it would be good to have. Not essential by any means, but fun.

As for the suggestion specific to Skrells, that could be fun too. Make Skrell medicine require plasma, so that it isn't produced every round "just in case" (there's not enough Skrells to really incentivize chemists to anyway), but so it can still be made in a pinch (when it would really be needed) without having to go through a million hoops.

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