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Increasing player count and Cryogenic Storage use


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I have decided to make a little topic about the importance of cryogenic storage. As most know, it is in the dormitories and is a vital part of keeping the population count low. At 9:30 PM EST, we had a round where there were 54 players online, and the IC population count was 86 people. Literally no jobs were open, and only five people used cryo, with another four dying. All in all, there were around 25 SSDs laying on the ground in random places; some in the dorms, some in medical, some in the hallways, and at least five in engineering. While I know I can't really do anything, I just want to remind people that, if they know that they cannot come back in the next hour and a half, it is probably a better idea to use cryo then go SSD, especially during the busy times.

I just want to remind people that we have that. I have joined countless times only to find that I cannot be an engineer, but only an assistant, and all of the engineers are SSD for the remainder of the round.

Also, there are very few admins online at these times. There were referential names, and griefers that came on. Stalker was the only mod on by the end of the round, and they were only trial. He got 7 adminhelps at once, and had to deal with him all, according to him on the TS. There were also a lot of names that referenced popular culture, or were just stupid, and he was unable to change the names, so we had to deal with names like Peter Longdongski, Sammy Hujsak, and AradiaBOT. These were reported, but nothing could be done.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I've always said that we need to put people in cyro if they go SSD and it's been awhile since they've logged back on. On Exogenesis SSD's got their items returned and put in cyro. If they log back on they can get their items back and return to work, otherwise they get stored and the slot opens up for someone else.

It would be great if we utilized it more. I've seen every job slot filled except assistant, yet ~40% of the station is SSD or inactive. I used to put people in cyro, but admins told me to stop, so I just leave them in the dorms to sit there, doing nothing but eat up a job slot, for the rest of the round.

I understand that it might be a little irritating to come back an hour later and find out you were sucked out of the round, but you can always just rejoin and continue on as if you came out of storage, or something. Especially with Heads - heads who are leaving the round should always go into cyro or inform admins that they are leaving the game so the admins can put them in there themselves. Tired of having all the job slots taken, or having half the Heads SSD with no replacements.

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I was going to make this very topic. The current policy of 'don't put SSD's into cryo' is a severe hindrance. We end up with a high percentage of the crew SSD, blocking job slots for other players and holding equipment that others could be using. When new players come in and can only spawn as Assistant they complain in OOC and eventually call the shuttle and wreck the round for the rest of the players just so they can have a meaningful job.

I'm not advocating moving someone to a cryo pod the moment they faceplant, because it might just be a temporary disconnection. Most of them are not, though. We should be permitted to move SSDs to cryo after a reasonable time. And honestly, if they reconnect after an hour and bitch that their character was croy'd while they were disconnected, tough luck. I'd rather give preferential treatment to players who are trying to join an ongoing round and participate than those who've left the game. And the more people who can join as the job they want, the less shitty transfers we'll get during peak time.

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