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Ryan784's Coder Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: Username and CKey is Ryan784.

Position Being Applied For: I am applying for the position of coder, as stated in the post name.

Past Experiences/Knowledge: While I am still picking up BYOND coding, I do know how to code. I am fluent in Java and LUA, and am currently a Computer Science major in college. I did work a little bit with BYOND before, bug-fixing things on a now-abandoned Station (Aphelion). So, while I'm knowledgeable in coding in general - the BYOND language I'm still tinkering with. But I learn fast.

Examples of Past Work:

For my example of past work in Java, I have an old Tower Defense game a made for one of my projects: https://github.com/Ryan784/Tower-Defense. (for a quick look, https://github.com/Ryan784/Tower-Defense/blob/master/src/GameStates/PlayState.java). Making the path-finding was a lot of fun, tougher than I initially thought. As for my experience in BYOND, I recently took it upon myself to attempt one of the suggestions: Updating parapens.

As I don't actually know where the dev branch for Aurora is, I haven't made a pull request there, so instead just snapped a picture of what I did https://gyazo.com/cae544193e339c4f638ff5b93146f6af. Extremely straightforward, quick, and simple: adds a delay and message to the user when attempting to use the pen on those with space suits (same length as syringe), and prevents the pens being used through armor. That was my go at it, so it may not be perfect, but it's an example.

Another example might be an "edit-character" button that is usable while one is dead, that allows editting of one's character; though Skull helped me with that. Surprisingly much more difficult than I initially thought.

Preferred Mode of Communication: I'd prefer Skype, if that's okay.

Additional Comments: While I am still new at BYOND coding, I learn pretty fast. I believe I'd work best under circumstances where I'm being told what projects to do/bugs to fix - essentially, actually having someone active as head of the Dev team. Besides that, while I'm still fairly new to this Server (only a month or two now), I'm not new to coding. I believe I can benefit and help this Community and Server - adding in more content, perhaps in the future even creating entire game modes - things we can definitely accomplish. Plus, it's fun.

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Something that I think will help you out with this application (And apologies if you're already doing this; Been busy with my job so havent been following the github tracker lately), would be to fork a copy of the Aurora code and start working on bug fixes, small projects, little experiments. See what Skull or the dev team might want you to toy around with, and then send a pull request with the finalized code. It'll give you a bit more of a solid 'Here, this is something Ive done as a coder already for you guys'.

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