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Monster1904, banned by Alberyk

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BYOND Key: Monster1904

Total Ban Length: 3 Days

Banning staff member's Key: Alberyk

Reason of Ban: You have been banned by tishinastalker.

Reason: Re-banned because SQL disconnection. Previous reason "Keep using net speak and using memes icly, even after the staff told them to stop. This ban will expire in three days.. ".

Reason for Appeal: I think I should be given a second chance because I know i'm a good role player. I just let the head of security get to me, and ontop of that I was already having a bad time from some other completely un-related event. I shouldn't have started using Net speak and memes to begin trolling, and should have instead just served my short sentence. I realise what I did was wrong and believe I should have another go.

((Ban originally issued by Alberyk, I rejoined to see ban reason and didnt see I was banned, so I kept playing. I was banned in the round shortly after for SQL disconnection. No idea what that is.))

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