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Civilization anybody?


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Civ 5 was okay.

The expansions for it require some serious balancing, and I'm not a fan of the hex system, but it's fun.

Civ 4 was amazing, mostly because it has way better mods then Civ 5 at the moment. (FFH2 and Rye's are my personel favorites.)

Alpha Centuri will never stop being the best. It's simply the most fun to play Civilization game, ever.

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I might sound like an ass, but the main reason I've not considered buying Civ 4 is the aesthetics of it, which shouldn't be everything I know. But when your playing games that last quite a long time, it's nice to... enjoy looking at it.


Civ 4 is not the prettiest thing to look at. But it's definitely better looking then Alpha Centuri.

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