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Kirid: Banned for EoR Griefing

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BYOND Key:Kirid

Total Ban Length: 4320 minutes

Banning staff member's Key:aimlessanalyst

Reason of Ban: EoR Grief

Reason for Appeal: Near the end of the round I got brought back as a zombie, so I assumed eating brains was my goal. People were simply saying EoR and EoG in LOOC, which I didn't understand at the time. I know EoR Grief is a rule, but I wasn't sure what to do when I got pulled on the shuttle as a zombie. I wasn't given any warning in terms of admin contact. This is my first offense on the server, and I'll do the time if I have to. I just find it unfair for an admin to ban without questioning at all.

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You were not a zombie, there was no way for anyone to be brought back a zombie on an extended round. EoR Grief is punishable by an instant three day ban- Normally, yes, we give players warning and speak to them first, but look at the situation here. We had plasma grief, fire, welderbombs and tanks going off everywhere. Garden variety griefers everywhere you looked.

When staff are dealing with 50 adminhelps, alert logs, bemoaning and whining, and the banning of a team of griefers, we aren't going to put much thought past the End-Round rules. There comes a point where if we see it, we will ban it, no questions asked. ALL conflict is expected to stop unless explicitly given the go-ahead.

You can sit on this ban.

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Not trying to argue my way out of it, but..

I was a zombie. I died in the bar explosion and was brought back to life with a group of other people.

I wasn't part of the rampart griefers on the station. Having their grief prevent you from being patient with otherwise innocent players is quite sad.

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You were rejuv'd. In no way shape or form does that make you a zombie. You were part of mass-scale rejuvenations. It is OOC, so that you can have some hope of getting to the shuttle. At no point would or should you see any message or indicator that you were turned into a zombie. It's purely your own speculation, and a very poor excuse to ignore EoR Grief rules, which are in place for antags, as well.

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I don't know how, I don't know why, but I was a zombie.

While you haven't said it directly, you're calling me a liar.

It wasn't my speculation. My indicator was my rotting flesh, walking at the speed of diona, and making it down an airless halls after collapsing and regenerating several times (in what would otherwise put me into crit.)

You saying I wasn't a zombie does not make it true.

You're claiming not only that I'm delusional about what happened, but that I used it as a excuse to ignore EoR.

By saying that I ignored the EoR rule, you're saying that I was fully aware of the rule, yet chose to ignore it because I wanted to cause grief.

So to sum up, according to you I am: A liar, delusional, and a griefer.

I never play antag, unless I'm forced into it like this situation. I do not enjoy fighting and griefing. My only excuse is that I am inexperienced as an antag and got too deep into the role playing, so much that I forgot the EoR rule for 30 secs.

I would be really nice if you could give me a legit reason why my unban is denied. So far your only reason was because there was "too much going on at the time." This unban request would have been the perfect place to give me a warning, plenty of time.

I understand the reasoning behind auto banning for something like this. But I'm beginning to wonder what the point of appeals is if they get denied without any legitimate reason.

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We have zombies but you where not a zombie... You got husked from all the plasma fire and when we rejuvved you it didn't reset your sprite. The reason you kept healing is because we where literally spamming rejuv on everyone.

I hope that's abundantly clear. You where not a zombie and you certainly where not an antag.

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That makes sense. I'm glad someone actually knows what happened.

With all the other players saying we were zombies and having basically all the symptoms, I was convinced.

I think I would have preferred to stay dead rather than get a magic revive; that's immersion breaking in the very least, and extremely confusing without any heads up.

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Well since it is a day later all I can say is I didn't see that. Perhaps I was afk since I was dead?

I'm done trying to defend myself, everything is spun so I look like a complete asshat, and every response has been rather tactless.

Nice to meet you all.

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