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Quick Chemistry Guide


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Hi this is Baka, here to talk a bit about Chemistry.

Chemistry makes some pretty power medication, and it can even stabilize more than the pre-loadout people are usually given as tools if in the right hands. The other advantage you can have with chemistry is how the medicine is distribute. I'm here to talk about the pros and cons of each.

This here is a good site to learn the recipes for meds: http://wiki.baystation12.net/index.php/Guide_to_Chemistry

All Pills and Bottles can change their appearance by clicking the photo of the pill and the bottle when you are bottling them.


+With a pill bottle, can hold up to 14 pills each

+No needle needed if you tending to a character with trypanophobia

+Quicker to make in bulk than bottles

-You start off with limited Pill Bottles

-Some Medicine has to stay in liquid form (cryo medicine, imidazoline) to work.

-A set amount, it can be wasteful


+Bottles can hold 30 units of medicine each

+You can mix medication more easier as a doctor dipping the needle into different solution

+You have more control over how much medication a patient can have than a set amount

-A little bit longer to administer than a pill depending how slow you are with needles

-It's easy to splash and waste your medicine if you're not careful


+Fastest way to deliver medication

+Can use many different medicine on it if you remove the contents with a regular needle, and refill with said needle

+Great for stabilizing a patient for a short amount of time

-It's a one use only hypospray

-You can only put five units of a solution in these each

-More of a limited supply than the pill bottles

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