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Remove or Lower Volume of Rumbling Ambience


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Don't get me wrong; I love the ambience of this game. I'm not asking to remove it entirely.

Part of me wants the ambience that's there, but when I enable it, the station's low rumbling always gives me a headache, eventually(literally). I would appreciate a toggle for the volume or the rumbling specifically.

If you still think I should just turn it all off, I disagree with you. I like hearing the musical queues and what sounds like an A.I. talking, from time to time. I don't know if this is easy to change, or what coding it implies, but I figured I could try asking.

It seems relatively minor.

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Yeah, I actually stopped even having the volume on more recently. I have been having really weird headaches from what I can only assume the ambient sound. It is always weird when I unplug my headphones and realize how weird it sounds. It being a little quieter or something would be nice.

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