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colored jumpsuits in custom loadout


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Simple request, I think all the colored jumpsuits should be in the custom loadout menu for 1 point each.

Specifically, I think we could use:







idk if there are other colors or not, but its always a pain to have to head up to locker room to get a black jumpsuit, or wait till after round start to start next to them.

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As mentioned in the custom loadout suggestion thread the jumpsuit you are given is a uniform for your respected department. If everyone was walking around wearing any color they want you wouldn't know who is doing what.

I'm against putting any more clothing in the custom loadout.

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I like the idea of uniforms, but everyone likes to look a little different at least now and then. For example, I don't like to wear the labcoat on my roboticist and the standards jumpsuit for them just looks weird. I don't imagine there's a whole lot of demand for the brightly colored jumpsuits, but that's me. When I do decide to wear one that's not the expected standard it's usually the black or grey one, which are supplied abundantly in the locker room.

Why are jackboots 3 points when they offer no mechanical benefit, while gloves are cheaper and webbing the same but both provide some functional value?

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The point system was setup by someone else who is not part of Aurora.

If there is not a high demand for colored jumpsuits why put them in the loadout? It easy to get a colored one, get a jumpsuit, place it in a washing machine with a crayon, and wash it.

This will work for anything you put in the jumpsuit slot (even the mankini changes to a jumpsuit)

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