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Complete Garbage's Fire Extinguisher Lighter application

Guest Complete Garbage

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Guest Complete Garbage

BYOND Key: Complete Garbage

Character name: Jacob Locke

Item name: Fire Extinguisher

Why is your character carrying said item to work? During his atmos work on a small Martian shipyard, a good friend of his, Leo Pearce, the installment's chief engineer, gave him a lighter shaped like a little fire extinguisher. Although it's run out of fuel more than once, Locke always found a way to refuel and maintain it.

Item function(s): Can be used the same as a normal/zippo lighter.

Item description: Most fire extinguishers on the station are way too heavy. This one's a little lighter.

Item appearance: (Unlit): Looks like a miniature fire extinguisher. (Lit)There is a small flame coming from the top of the mini fire extinguisher.

Additional comments:Maybe a custom lighting message, like the zippo's, something along the lines of, "{Character} pulls the tiny safety pin from the small fire extingisher, and a small flame emerges from the top."; "{Character} lights the {ignitable} with the fire extinguisher lighter."; "{Character} replaces the pin on the extinguisher, and the flame goes out."

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