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A few questions?



Uh, hi. None of you will recognize me, I'm fairly new. I've only popped in rounds a couple times and such, but I do have some interest in the server. However, I have a few questions and I'm not exactly sure where to ask them, sooo o: Here we go!

1) What is the "Syndicate Transmission Network" thing? I've been reading through it, but I'm still not entirely certain as to the point of that subforum. ;-;

2) What makes your lore 'special?' Like, what unique things does the server offer in terms of lore that others don't? On that, is this a more grim-darky server, or not? I've been kinda looking for one of those.

3) What sort of special events do you run?

4) Deathsquads, are they in lore? :o

5) Are AI's capable of emotion in this lore, or not?

Edit: Sorry for having a bunch of lore questions only, but as an RPer that's really mainly what I care about. xD I've done very light skimming of the wiki, but I'll admit that I need to read through more of it. I'm just really curious about the lore of, well, all of it. From aliums to humanity to NT's random little shits. owo


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Hey, welcome to the server! Let's go through these questions, shall we?


  • It's basically a subforum for syndicate oriented roleplay. Imagine it like a chatroom for syndicate characters to organize shit for future antag rounds.
  • Erumg. Lore. Yes. I don't actually know whether to classify our lore as grimdark or not. From an observer's point of view, it seems to be Deus Ex Human Revolution style, as far as the setting and general ambiance goes. Hopefully a lore person can generalize better.
  • Very few, actually. Our admin staff is not as heavy as on other servers (our staff in general adheres to a principle of rolling light), so actual events are somewhat rare. This is why we keep antags enabled, and let the players do their own thing.
  • No. Government attack forces serve as a mechanical replacement if ever needed.
  • Your call on how you want to play your synths, though laws still take priority.

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Heyo, head duty officer here. In a few words, Duty Officers are in-character moderators; we handle the minor, persistent things that aren't quite important enough to require full moderator/admin attention, but are still things that are questionable, within the bounds of RP. For example, Urist McOfficer breaks into the bar most shifts and gets drunk. This is completely fine and allowable from an out of character standpoint, crime is allowed, so long as it doesn't escalate stupidly; however, he's doing this pretty much every shift, and irritating people, and mods and admins can't touch it. So DOs do. We come in, and we go at it from an in character direction, this sort of thing would get him warnings, suspensions, etcetera, in a real work enviroment; so that is what we do. Duty Officer punishments can range from a slap on the wrists, to contract termination (Character is permanently removed from the station) though that is rare.

Primarily, we answer faxes sent from the station to Central Command, and generally act as the big blob of ambiguous morality that is Nanotrasen bureaucracy. We also work on Incident Reports, which are under the complaints subsection; this is where you can report people like Urist for being dumb, but not rule-breakingly dumb; things like medical malpractice, cargo corruption, security brutality, these are all things we can handle. Our only restrictions are antags, we can't act on things that were spurred by antags; for example, John Doe, station engineer, slaps around the janitor for wandering into a vented area in a nuke round. John, however, is the last surviving member of engineering due to a nuke op attack, and is thus, rather short tempered. Duty Officers can't act on that, because it's not the character's normal behaviour in a canon round.

Duty Officers also run random inspections, at the discretion of individual officers.

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Oooh, in-character punishments for things? That sounds awesome! ^w^ I saw something like that a long time ago, on a different server, but I hadn't seen it since. It's a really neat premise, and I'm actually kind of excited to see that be a thing.

And a Deus-Ex level of apathy and atmosphere sounds totally awesome. Transhumanism is great, especially when mixed with some supernatural elements.

Thanks for answering those few questions, just wanted to clear some stuff up. Sounds like it'll be fun, here! One final question, though, is there a link to the map somewhere? Or will I have to download it and look at it over BYOND?

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