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What is a Security Officer?



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At least the way I see it security is in a place that's somewhere between corporate security and actual police. This is a result of Aurora being a corporate owned facility in the middle of space. Biesel is obviously not going to send police to every single station in Tau Ceti. Most of the time on NT facilities/Space station it'll be private security enforcing system-wide laws/corporate regulations, and turning over offenders to the system-authorities at Odin.

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Lorewise, NanoTrasen's Asset Protection forces are split into two different divisions:

Fleet Security Force (This includes the ERT Divisions, who remain at Central Commands such as the Odin and Baldr) - The actual NT Navy that patrols their trading routes and such, operates as Biesel's primary military under the current government, basically have police powers.

Internal Security - The equivalent of private security, they're permitted to enforce the law and corporate regulations within their assigned facilities, but they must hand over any detained criminals who have committed actual crimes to the authorities at the nearest chance.

There are also references in the lore to Internal Security being delegated police duty to supplement actual police, I think specifically in New Gibson's domes.

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I wish it was Merryweather tbh. There's never been a definition of what NT security is supposed to be, only opinions.

There should be an established medium/standard somewhere so we know what's up.

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Yo, Imma lay it like dis.

The NT ISC functions as an entity that employs the concepts of a company police-style modus operandi with a name other than 'NT Company Police." What company police are defined as is a law enforcement agency that works for an entity other than a government, and while they carry the traditional security objective of protecting the company, company police are afforded the ability to perform lawful arrests (detentions made by traditional security often results in the transfer of custody of the perpetrator to governmental law enforcement regardless of charges), and the ability to lay charges and levy fines against the crew.

From a legal standpoint in Tau Ceti, the NT ISC would more than likely be classified as a corporate police agency, thus giving them the power to exercise their authority in the way that they do. More than likely, Eridani and Sol also recognize the ISC as such. I don't find it difficult to imagine that a powerful corporation like NT can, has, or will make a move to grab a charter for the ISC to be recognized in the systems in which it operates. With ISC holding jurisdiction on their respective facilities and being granted the authority to issue charges on perpetrators, the legal process is stream-lined and the system runs smoother, with the only responsibility of governmental law enforcement to provide correctional facility for HuT detainees.

That's my two cents. It's mediocre, because I am typing on my phone.

EDIT: The FSF would definitely qualify as a private military force, legally a division of the corporation. Given how things have evolved since the 21st Century, it's likely that PMCs are not imposed by strict regulations, especially in regards to their Rules of Engagement. In the 21st Century, private military contractors are not permitted to initiate an engagement by firing before the enemy. This has likely been redacted, given that NT must rely on its own assets to defend itself, and the acknowledgement that government forces will not always be available to respond.

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