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Station Directives [REFERENCE]

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Regarding Command Staff- Station Directive 1

To clarify the general capabilities of Command Staff, their relationship to the Captain, and between one-another.

During standard operation, all Departmental Heads of Staff are equal, under the command of the Captain present onboard the facility. Should a department find itself lacking a Head of Staff, the Captain is able to either assume direct supervision of the department, or otherwise appoint a senior member to fill the missing role.

During non-standard operation, a specific Departmental Head of Staff may be elevated above others, should the crisis situation fall under the responsibility of their department. At that point, other departments should act in a supporting role.

Regarding Acting Captain - Station Directive 2

To clarify the role of Acting Captain, when it is necessary, how to attain it, etcetera.

Should, during standard operation, the Command Staff be missing a Captain, then it is preferred that all members of the Command Staff present stay on equal terms and act as a singular commanding entity, thus negating the need to promote a specific person to the position of Acting Captain. Under such operations, the Command Staff as a whole carries the authority of the Captain, and can, together, conduct actions that would otherwise require the Captain's approval.

Should the Command Staff decide that they would prefer an Acting Captain present, then they are free to select one from amongst themselves. There exists no preference towards any one Department Head of Staff to attain the role before the others.

During non-standard operation, it is recommended that the Head of Staff most knowledgeable in the crisis be selected as Acting Captain and empowered to coordinate a solution to the crisis that has arisen.

Regarding Departmental Ranking - Station Directive 3

To clarify the initial status for some roles, and their position in the department Chain of Command.

Unless stated otherwise, all Departmental Staff are equal in rank, with differing responsibilities and assignments. The only exception being the Quartermaster, who can act as an authority over the Cargo Technicians, however, this does not necessarily make him the preferred choice for promotion up the chain, nor does his authority extend anywhere beyond that. Below them are Departmental Assistants/Interns/Apprentices, and standard Assistants.

It is within the capacity of the Departmental Head of Staff to promote and designate senior leaders as he sees fit, within their own department.

Regarding Scientific Experimentation - Station Directive 4

To clarify the expectations and obligations of Research staff, what they can make, how and where they can use experimental technology or the works thereof.

All avenues of research available are permitted for experimentation by those deemed qualified by Nanotrasen in that specific field of Science. However, unless an emergency situation calls for application and authorization is granted, the works and derivatives of the Research staff are to remain within their respective labs and testing areas.

Regarding Modification, Optimization, and Upgrades of the station - Station Directive 5

To clarify the expectations and obligations of Engineering staff, to what extent they can modify or alter the station, and general expectations thereof.

All non-structural forms of modification, optimization, or upgrades to station equipment are permitted so long as the modifying engineer is qualified and has obtained written permission of all staff resident to the department in question. Large-scale structural modifications or additions require written and stamped consent from either the Chief Engineer, the Captain, or (in absence of both) a delegated representative of Command staff.

Regarding Remodeling and Cosmetic Alterations - Station Directive 6

To clarify when, who, and how non-structural, non-atmospheric, non-electrical modifications to an area of the station may be performed.

Cosmetic remodeling of a department may be performed by any staff with written and signed consent of the department in question. Cosmetic alteration to general areas, such as hallways, arrivals, and departures, require consent from the Chief Engineer, The Captain, or (in absence of both) Command as a whole.

Regarding AI upload access - Station Directive 7

To clarify who, when and under what terms personnel may enter the AI upload.

In standard operation access to the upload requires one head of staff present with approval of other members of the command staff. A robotocist may accompany the head of staff if their technical skills are required

In non-standard operation access to the upload requires two present heads of staff. Approval of the other members of command is recommended. A roboticist may accompany the head of staff if their technical skills are required.

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After a big argument in an extended today, I'm thinking that it's really important to have a clarification here.

What exactly IS structural alteration, and what isn't?

Is adding a door into a doorway, structural alteration?

Is replacing the floor with a new style, or repainting it?

Is tearing down an internal wall and replacing it with a window or a table?

Is building a disposal?

Is building new scrubbers or vents?

What about adding new lights, or cameras?

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Anything to do with walls and windows, airlocks or disposals, is structural.

Mineral Doors, floor tiling, paint, racks/tables are aesthetic.

New scrubbers and vents falls under the Structural Change but specifically under the atmospheric section (refer to NCF)

New lights and cameras fall under the structural change but specifically under the electrical section (refer to NCF)

In the future; I'd advise you bring these sort of questions to the CCIA Ask thread ^_^

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