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A quick guide to not being terrible at Security.

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1. Appearance.

Let's just start this off by saying that under no circumstances, should you be carrying around an energy anything on green alert. Even Head of Security's should listen to this. Under no circumstance should you have any weapon in hand, unless you are in the process of detaining a known criminal.

And for the love of all things, keep your clothes on.

2. SOP.

FOLLOW THE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE. IT IS THERE FOR A REASON. You should not beat the everloving shit out of everyone standing in your way. This is a one-way ticket to being thrown in the brig yourself. Always give the criminal a chance to surrender peacefully. If they refuse, Offer once more. If they refuse again, move detain. If they resist arrest, stun them ONCE, and then cuff them. You should not be stunning them 47 times in a row. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT PUT ON HARM INTENT WHEN USING THE STUN BATON. DO NOT WEAR FULL ARMOR DURING GREEN ALERT. DO NOT FORCE SEARCHES ON GREEN ALERT.

3. Listening to Superiors.

Do not just disregard someone's orders because you think you are better than them. They are your superior for a reason. They have been promoted by NanoTrasen for a reason. Do not just run off into the depths of the station, and ignore them completely. Report in regularly, and go in teams. Never. Go. Alone. It's not that hard to grab a buddy, and go patrolling.

4. Communication

Talk to your fellow Officers, and superiors. Let them know what you are doing, where you are doing it, why you are doing it, and who you're doing it with. This way, if you suddenly drop contact, people know something happened to you. Don't be one of those guys who just runs off to some corner of the station and be angsty in the maintenance tunnels. That's a one-way ticket to syndie pound town.

5. Be Polite.

YOU ARE NOT HERE TO ABUSE AND TORTURE THE INHABITANTS OF THE STATION. Being polite to people is a ticket to getting yourself protected in the event of you being disarmed by a criminal. However, pissing everyone off is a ticket to getting yourself welded inside a locker, and spaced. (Also Protip: DO NOT PISS OFF MEDBAY. EVER. THEY ARE YOUR LIFELINE, LITERALLY. IF YOU GET SHOT IN THE GUT, THEY ARE THE ONES WHO TAKE THE BULLET OUT. PHOEBE WILL SPACE YOU IF YOU PISS HER OFF)


I'll be updating this as I get more time, but for now, this is just a general quick guide at not being terrible at Security.

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