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[Added]Malocsoft and the Hyperspace Incident

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Shadow edit: Done.

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Corporation (and accompanied event)

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2427 AD

Region of Space: Sol system, Core Worlds

Controlled by (if not a faction): Sol Alliance Government Research Divisions

Other Snapshot information: "Innovative, inexpensive, advanced technologies promoting the general welfare and logistics of future technology." - Company motto.

Very simply, Malocsoft is a small corporation with minor financial backing, efforts and other resources focused on the improvement on existing warp technologies and their applications in the field. Initially, their intention was to improve upon the concept of independent bluespace drives for conceptually instantaneous independent warps that would not need to rely on a Bluespace mass-transit warpgate. Intending to give more freedom to Sol Navy cruisers, reconnaissance vessels as well as other starships to move around charted territories with superior mobility, the scientists and engineers discovered by pure accident with an unmanned drone upon adjusting the frequency and wavelengths of a test warpdrive they were working with, that the drone had teleported through an expansive tunnel dimension appearing to defy the physics of the realspace world.

Long Description:

The incident encountered as previously stated would become to be known as the "Hyperspace Incident" (Feb. 4th, 2452), in which a concept and theory of the encountered dimension of hyperspace, as well as independent subspace clusters located within hyperspace tunnels, were discovered.

Though no actual, solid entities were within these "hyperspatial subspace clusters" of presumed matter, the drone found it difficult to pass through seemingly transparent space. Upon the drone navigating its surroundings, it found itself within an amalgamation of strange, constantly moving polygon-shaped obstructions. The solid "objects" within the anomaly were outlined within borders making it impossible to pass through, not unlike colliding into a realspace wall. Interestingly, while the drone was initially approaching the cluster via the hyperspace tunnel when it initally made the jump, it appeared to be a third-dimensional spherical object. Upon entering the cluster, the appearance and shape of visible anomalies varied from 2D, 3D and 4D, there was little apparent consistency. Some scientists blamed the visual sensors of the discovery drone being incapable of seeing that of what the human eye is adjusted to, others claimed it was a revelation of varying physics between dimensions, that of realspace with 3 spatial dimensions, and that of hyperspace with a varying spatial dimension count. Whether this revelation is true or not is still a matter for debate, as no human as of yet has volunteered for an expedition into a hyperspace jump.

Most notably, however, is that while the drone only warped approximately three hundred million kilometers from its position in the system in a near instant, the footage recovered from the drone lasted several hours in the subspace clusters and hyperspatial 'highways' before it actually dropped into realspace again. This led the monitoring research team to believe that the concept of hyperspatial time was radically different than from that from realspace.

Malocsoft hopes to garner additional funding in the near future and consistently petitions the Sol Alliance Senate for additional funding in the field of hyperspatial travel, due to its military and reconnaissance applications, to allow for future hyperspace drive blueprints to be pushed past patch 0.138731vA alpha, the initial test drive. Malocsoft, being a corporation directly financed by military science chains, hopes to distribute working prototypes for Sol Navy cruisers in the next few months, given its current funding, to put Sol Navy vessels at a greater tactical advantage than that of starships with bluespace drives. No details have been released by the small corporation as to how it plans to fulfill that end.

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Bump. I was informed there was interest by some lore team remember to start up some technological development in the lore, so I'm wondering if there's any actual merit to that statement.

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Since no one can exactly take credit for Bluespace (because it's basically WH 40K Warp 2.0) or other drive technologies, this is as valid as it can get. Like I already talked to you about it, it's fine as long as it doesn't actually threaten to remove BS as the main drive technology (although, the whole ties between plasma and bluespace is retarded as fuck and makes zero sense). The name, yeah, wouldn't be bad to change it.

I will, however, with Jackboot's permission, gonna start a Industrial-military Convention. All players will be free to apply their designs and ideas at scrutiny and display.

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Sorry for the wait!

Hyperspace is the antithesis of bluespace/warpfuckery. Unlike bluespace in which its subjects do not experience either lapses or jumps into time, hyperspace is the opposite. Hyperspace takes time to pass through due to the fact that without astrogation charts to define where the hyperlanes are, it can take a very long time for a vessel to get from point A to point B, within the hyperspatial realm. Subjects can and will start to age "normally" while suspended in hyperspace, but once they drop back out into realspace, they will appear older. Opposite to bluespace, again, time does not perceivably pass for those still suspended in the material realspace realm. Due to this, though, critical repairs or maintenance can be done, crew can make visits to their ship's medbay, or even just relax and catch a break until they arrive at their intended destination. It's theorized that warships could harness this technology to make an evasive hyperspatial jump in the event imminent damage is about to be sustained or if their hull integrity is already in a bad shape and they can't take much more. They could easily set course in-system for a short-range jump, and then perform repairs and be back in the fight almost instantaneously in the perception of the adversary.

Such equipment is naturally very expensive to assemble, though it requires little to some maintenance and is cost-effective after its initial purchase (unlike bluespace which, while initially fairly cheap, requires constant maintenance and careful tuning and harnessing of bluespace energies to work properly, test-firing sequences are often performed before a bluespace warp is done), and it will be awhile before it's optimized for common military usage. Sol cruisers would start using this as some hyperlane routes have been found and connected throughout the core worlds, and the in/out-combat utility already makes it alluring and intriguing to use. It has its risks but the utility of it is too good to pass up.

It will take much longer for this technology to be widely established among civilians. It will be impossible for a normal civilian to possess a hyperspace drive unless they are chosen to test it. Barring that, it's highly unlikely but possible for certain pirates to have already acquired hyperspatial drives for their own crews, but their numbers in the known universe likely only number below a half dozen. Hyperspace jumps create the risk of aging a ship's crew to the point where their operational capacity starts to dwindle due to their prime years quickly waning.

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