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Uristmcbigbeard banned by host

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BYOND Key: (This is your Byond login/Ckey) uristmcbigbeard

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: alberyk

Reason of Ban: feeding on an ssd as a slime.

Reason for Appeal: I'm sorry. I didn't realize the person was SSD until I had finished feeding and gotten bwoinked. I was playing as a slime and just running around trying to get more powerful. I know in the future not to do that.

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You have exhausted the last possible chance we could extend to you. I have half a mind to simply deny this- Obviously, you don't seem to be very keen on changing the behavior that keeps getting you into trouble in the first place, n'or do you seem to understand the kind of environment Aurora is. We gave you one last chance, you have very clearly wasted it.

Awaiting further input.

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This was your third perma ban, and if I can recall you were pretty much insulting staff when I was talking to you in pms, not sure if we should give you another chance at all. Besides/ I am sorry, any other reason we should give you a third chance?

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Since the time that I have been banned, I have been playing on a high rp server called Urist Mcstation. I feel that that server has taught me what is and isn't acceptable on a high rp server, since I have been playing on low rp servers like hippie station for a long time. I have never had an incident with the staff in the ~4ish months that I have been playing on there. However, Urist usually isn't that active. There are around 15 players on there which can sometimes get boring, which is why I figured I would try and get myself unbanned from Aurora, seeing as it is a very active and involved high rp server. I personally think that I have grown a lot in the past few months since my ban, and like I said have learned "how" to play on a high rp server. If you don't agree that I have changed, well I really can't do anything about that.

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