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GrumpoMarx's Unban or Ban Reduction Request

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BYOND Key: GrumpoMarx

Total Ban Length: 7200 Minutes/120 Hours

Banning staff member's Key: Skull132

Reason of Ban:


Reason for Appeal: This is an abrupt 5-day-ban that came right out of nowhere for a specific line of dialogue. For context, I, Dave Duran, was in the Brig on the Odin, buckled to a bed. The Chaplain, Jim Goode, was standing on the bed. I was requesting for security to get him off "before he gets his dick out". It was a stupid bit of dialogue, from a comedy-based character that often says stupid shit. I have only had one prior warning for rule breaking on this server, and that was when I accidentally committed suicide with a welding fuel tank. If nothing else, I should have had a more concise explanation as to WHY that specific line got me banned, and 5 days for my second infraction seems a tad extreme.

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Rule violated in question:

ERP, also known as Erotic RolePlay, is not allowed on the server. While displays of romantic affection and romantic scenes are acceptable, scenes of a clearly sexual intent will be broken up. (Again, use common sense for this. Sexual tension up to a point is acceptable - sexual acts in themselves are not.)


It went beyond the line with a rule where going beyond the line is not acceptable. While we accept the fact that insults and whatever the shit exist in the context of IC; this is dumb, immature, and does not belong here. The round delay had already lasted for 4+ minutes, so the ban was issued relatively swiftly.

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I'm not sure I'm allowed to chime in but...

Jim Goode had been being a general annoyance all shift, preaching crap into the general comms about wanting to fight the Psychiatrist in a debate about science (quite frankly it seemed incredibly stupid and role breaking for a chaplain to be attempting to start shit with someone he really hadn't interacted with in the shift) , and being a general nuisance all shift, so much so that IC and OOC I wanted to throw an exploding Death Nettle at him just to shut him up for a bit.

I'm not saying what GrumpoMarxs did was justified but his comment was very childish but it wasn't bordering ERP unless both parties were punished for it. It was just a stupid comment made.

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Ban has been lifted.

Dreviore, the recognition of that fact is why I opted to lift it right meow. However.

Call outs like that, almost always regardless of context, are things that we have a very effectively policy of, "No, please do not. Ever." This is mostly because trying to pick through the context if stuff like this were permitted would get real silly real fast. Would also lead to mountains upon mountains of silly arguments. So, either permit it all, or just don't. Since 99% of the time, call-outs like that do not serve a valid purpose in Roleplay, we opted for the approach that you see now.

Basically: don't imply rape or ERP in a manner like above.

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