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Job: Mascot

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Simple idea, essentially a canon replacement for the clown. Wears either a Biesel Weasel® or Nanotrasen Nellie® mascot head and suit, actual costume ideas are still WIP (Offer suggestions, seriously). Probably not the best idea, but still, someone brought up clowns and while they're never coming back, no reason to not have an extra job.


Being stapled to the company, Mascots are essentially just assistants with some RP roots. Taking up either the Biesel Weasel® or the Nanotrasen Nellie® affiliated costume, they're to walk around the station and show their company spirit, especially around Medical. While their main goal is providing a morale boost and giving nanotrasen-cleared advice on how to properly do jobs, they'll also function as a tour guide around the station at any time they feel like scheduling, leading visitors and assistants around the station, and giving positive quips over each area and wing.

They're required by Nanotrasen to be happy and drug/alcohol free at all times to leave a good impression on visitors, but can be ignored or fined / have their pay docked if some uptight in Command (such as an IAA) sends a formal complaint over misbehaviour.

On the brightside though they'll likely not be noticed in their usual graysuit as the mascot outfit is an actual over-article, such as hard/softsuits, waistcoats, etc. Great for sneaking a cigarette or taking a break from looking like an idiot without having to change clothes entirely. Plus (will probably be ignored / unimplemented due to possibly being overpowered) the mascot heads function as voice-modulators that take precendence over IDs. IDs can still be noticed with an examine, and voice returns to normal as soon as the mask is removed.

Might be whitelisted if it gets abused / misused often. That's for the admins, mods, and loredevs to decide. Not me.

Comments, suggestions, tweaks, improvements, workarounds, and examples of icons, coding samples, etc. Appreciated.

Know this won't get anywhere but might as well try.

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I think the main problem is that there's nowhere for them to be. I mean. If you look at Assistant/Visitor it makes sense they wouldn't have an office or place, but if it was a Mascot, they'd have somewhere like a lounge, wouldn't they? The Vacant office needs to stay vacant for RP purposes IMO, Visitor Diplomats and Recruiters need an office. On old codes Clown and Mime both got an office of their own which gave them stuff to use and a place to be. This is a travel role like Assistant with no place to go. I think it's a neat idea, but I don't like the idea of having nothing to do for two hours. That said, if Visitors were so widely allowed, which i'm not sure if they are or not? A mascot would make sense.

And ontop of all of what I said in the above, Clown would break immersion... There's no guarantee that a new name, items, and fluff, would fix that problem. I do love the idea of extra jobs...

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I think the main problem is that there's nowhere for them to be.

And ontop of all of what I said in the above, Clown would break immersion

I can see where you're coming from, and while I have to admit that nobody will want to play a clown with an IC reason to be on the space-station, much less if he has no office to slack around in. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up resorting to petty crime and grief to keep from going insane during a 2-hour shift. But, we do have two easy fixes; Whitelists, and event-only role. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I'm all but certain funneling a job nobody would rather take through a filter would all but guarantee a fun round, or in the least, some interesting roleplay.

Glorified assistant? Sure, but an assistant that can help others, be an IC guide, organize prep rallies and departmental morale-boosting miniparties, act as a living throwphone / announcer during a riot or revolution round, the possibilities are endless.

But again, it's only a suggestion, and I can already see that putting a facade over the clown and calling him a new job isn't really gonna change minds. Still, might as well see what others say and think. You never know.

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