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Davidchan's Tajara Whitelist

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BYOND Key:Davidchan

Character Names:Devin Adams, Lucas Decker

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Approx 6 weeks, on and off. (Sept14)

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: http://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Tajara This one? Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Tajarans offer a fairly unique role to play as they are not run of the mill humans. In both appearance and background, they are exceptionally diverse, especially compared with human crew-mates usually found in employ by NanoTrasen. Aside from being able to Roleplay personality quirks and otherwise alien behaviors to the crew, there is a certain amount of drama built into being non-human on the station and seeing the dynamic of who treats you differently and getting an interesting look into the characters of others based upon how they treat you compared to other crew, both human and nonhuman. I have also played the character Droaksa on other servers and would love to import him to Aurora to play him in Security or Engineering, he being a bit more versatile and well traveled then my current characters.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Aboard the Aurora, and NanoTrasen as a whole (and implied to be pretty standard in Human controlled systems) Humans are treated differently, some more than others. Tajara are still second class citizens, recent revolt of their homeworld and subsequent backing by NT has made them grateful for the chance to feel freedom and spread out, but are knowingly being exploited for resources and labour to help NT turn a profit, many of them well aware that by signing on to work for NanoTrasen that their quality of life may improve compared to staying on Ahdomai, but they probably won't be treated as well as they are at home and a glass ceiling forced into place to just how far they can succeed and advance. With proper role play in a round, Droaksa might be praised for his accomplishments during a shift and change a few hearts about speciesism, or he might be oppressed and relentlessly hounded by security, his head or just the crew in general for being different, his own accomplishments overshadowed by their hatred or someone else just blaming him for all the problems in his department while taking credit for things he did himself. The dynamic allows to explore the character, as well as adding a bit of tension and drama to the crew during extended rounds or even making antagonists rounds that much more interesting.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest?

Aside from what has been stated above, Tajaran have a number of quirks that can make them playful one moment, unshakingly loyal to friends and co-workers, to unreasonably aggressive if pressed between their duty and personal beliefs. A number of situations will undoubtedly rise up offering unique role play options, the benefits and woes of being nonhuman spreading from choice of equipment, taste in food a music, to encounters with racist crew, heads or even CentCom directives.


Character Name: Droaksa Rawibusihr

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Droaksa was born to a rather poor Zhan-Khazan, 2nd oldest child to a miner, his father died when he young and before he was a teenager he was working in the mines to help. Once the revolt was into full swing, Droaksa found himself fighting alongside his comrades to overthrow the nobles and gain freedom and unity for his people, server as a combat sapper in what might have been called the engineering corp of the rebellion. Once the government was overthrown and it became apparent that human corporations were simply taking the place of the noble caste on Adhomai, Droaksa left the planet on the first ship that would take him, using the mechanic skills he learned both in the mines and as a combat engineer working as the ship's Mechanic.

Droaksa spent the next 2 years bouncing from ship to ship, rarely keeping with any crew for longer than 6 months, the large Zhan-Khazan found it difficult to mingle with humans for long stretches, and very few, if any Tajara owned or operated their own vessels. After nearly 2 decades of drifting between mining moons and asteroids, serving on trader vessels as mechanic or even bodyguard, and for a very short time working in a shipyard helping construct new vessels, Droaksa finally found himself working at a space station. His first duty aboard a space station was working on a refueling station,miners would gather ice and mineral rich asteroids and break them down to create fuel for passing trader vessels. Droaksa primary duty was keeping the Solar Panels aligned and intact, passing close to the asteroid belt made it very common for micrometeors to smash up an array from time to time, the Tajaran became quite skilled in tearing down the arrays and setting them back up when it seem likely their orbit would bring them into the belt. Now, almost 25 years since he left Anhomai, Droaksa found himself hired by NanoTrasen again, contracted to work on a fairly new research facility. He is not sure what to expect, having never worked on such a new vessel, though all he can do now is await for the NSS Aurora to assign him a post and begin making a cozy living.

What do you like about this character?

To me, Droaksa is fairly versatile. he maybe be somewhat older than the usual character, but he has a wealth of experience, both technical and life in general to fall back upon. His primary specialization is in engineering, but 20 years drifting means he's done most odd jobs in some form or another, from working Security Detail for a rich trader, mining asteroids and moons, cooking exotic meals as a chef, loading crates up in cargo to putting on a suit and mixing up drinks in the bar or serving VIPs their dinner. This wide array of seemingly useless skills acquired as a wanderer also puts him in position see many different sides of the crew, (hopefully) make a few friends and probably just as many enemies or rivals. He's bound to be cautious around strangers, but anyone who gets past that shell is bound to find a loyal friend who'd go out of their way to get them out of a jam or even wield a crowbar against a deranged gunman if it meant buying their companion enough time to flee to safety.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

A loaded question, if I have to admit it. I've been roleplaying through Forums, Instant Messengers, IRC Chatrooms and even in established games like World of Warcraft and custom maps on Starcraft and Warcraft, for the better part of 15 years now. I would consider myself middle of the road, liking a blend of action and character interaction to allow development of the situation and people involved. What others may think of my ability may change based upon the happenings at the time, if I was interested in what was going on or even distracted by RL (ooc) events.


Age: 43

Height: 7'2" (217 cm)

Weight: 210lbs (95kg)

Droaksa is rather large, not huge for Zhan-Kazan, but still head and shoulders above most of the crew, though he tends to be more of a gentle giant, not using his size to intentionally intimidate or scare people unless they are needlessly harassing someone else. He dislikes fighting but won't hesitate to defend himself, quite capable of using a gun or improvised weapon, and has limited expierence with combat Exosuits, generally repairing them but doing field tests to ensure the problem was fixed was standard. He has a very dim view of thieves and law breakers, seeing anyone willing to make someone else's life worse to better their own too common to the Nobles of Anhomai.

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