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ItsZion's SecJob BAN APPEAL

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BYOND Key: ItsZion

Total Ban Length: Perma

Banning staff member's Key: bakagaijin

Reason of Ban: "Held the detective hostage as a non-antag, was a CSI during this time, logged during questioning"

Reason for Appeal: As it has been a little under a year since this happened, I hardly remember the events of which this took place. I do understand sincerely that this server is that of serious and immersive rp, and my actions at this time (due to the fact that I was not an antagonist) disturbed the actions of other players simply carrying out their normal jobs. I realize the wrong-doings in doing such a deed and hope that the members of the staff may forgive me, for my favorite job position playing this game is that of the detective, and it pains me to be banned from such a fun position.

Thank you for reading and do understand.


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