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Staff list - Who to PM

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Which staffmember handles what? Here's the answer!



Game server technical issues:


Moderator Applications:


Heads of Staff whitelists:




Custom Items:


Unban Requets:

  • The banning admin/mod
  • Any other admin/mod


Of course you can also PM the Head Admins, ShameOnTurtles and Garnascus with any questions.




Anything DO related:




Anything lore related:


Lore Canonization:

  • Coalf






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Updated 24MAR2016:

  • Now with liiiists!
  • Included folks with access to the server for restarting and management purposes.

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I'll update it on Wednesdaaaay.


No, no you won't.


- Added Nanako

- Replaced Gollee with YJGO

- Removed Shadow/Itzal because I retired a while ago.

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As of September 19, 2017, this has been updated, everything on this list should be up to date once more. (imsorry boss)

Edit: Added Muncorn.

Edit: Updated, 19/10/17.

Edit: 23/10/17, added AllyBearsley to the wiki section as per volunteer/request.

Edit: 20/01/18, added Matt to the whitelist team and Berry to assist with mod apps.

Edit: 20/02/18, added Synnono as head CCIA and removed old entries.

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