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Questions about spriting



I'm currently working on a sprite edit for submitting, someones idea from the suggestion forum and also a learning experience.

I tried editing the sprite within dream maker, did some of the work i needed, but not enough, so i exported the DMI for that sprite movie, renamed it as png and opened it in photoshop, that works. did the necessary editing there, everything looks great.

Now i have an image which contains four sprites, one for each direction, and i'm wondering how to bring it back in. Importing this combined image directly into a DMI somehow brings in five images, the full combined thing, and the four directions named as 0/1/2/3

That's a bit of a mess though. I figure what i want to do is remake it by making a new mobie, and importing images into that. I tried that, and it resulted in the combined image being dumped into one frame

Is there a better way to do this? I could cut it up into four images manually in photoshop and import those one at a time, though that seems like it could be a pain in the futre. are there any other workflows for reimporting an edited sprite sheet and remaking a movie from it?

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1. Select a Sprite with square selector. Not all at once, copy it. Make sure it's the same size as .dmi Sprite you are putting in.

2. Enter one Sprite direction. The art Sprite appears.

3. Paste it. It should cover everything. Not combines images.

I know spriting mechanics. Talk to me over discord at your own pace. I can give you a small video lecture, if you wish. There is no short cuts.

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