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Guest Bokaza

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I'm currently playing a successful fort as Succubi in Masterwork DF.

So far I've built:

  • Two Ziggurats with changing color patterns that house the nobility, administration and temples on the top.
  • A main square, encrusted with gold, blood red and black stone as well as black/gold obelisks and braziers.
  • Working plumbing and aquaducts.
  • Tall blood red fortifications.
  • Roads leading out of the town.

So, I need something resource expansive, majestic and insanely complex to build that may or may not be completely useless. Anyone got any idea? Maybe suspended stone structure that floats above the surface?

Bonus points for layer to layer grid schematics.

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Well, I haven't found lava yet, because I dread opening the remaining caverns due to frame decrease, but, considering I have a gigantic stockpile of stygian bronze, I could make a lava pumpstack. Once I do that, possibilities are endless.

What shape should this sacrificial alter be? And please, don't say phallus shaped. I've already considered it and found it silly, albeit fitting.

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I'll get some screens when I'm able. But basically, what I described already, tall walls, tall ziggurats and a large square. No room to expand, unless I build up or go out of the castle.

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