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Vaurca Mechanics

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Greetings, fellow Aurorans. Over the past two days I've been contemplating deeply the Vaurca situation, as I now have a vested interest in their development and play-ability. I will be working on their lore come the end of May, but I've decided to get a healthy head-start on their mechanics. After two days of hard work and praying to the codegod RNGesus, I have produced numerous interesting miscellany. I have tested ALL of these changes, and have confirmed they work.

Now that the first Vaurca batch has proceeded smoothly, I prepare for the second batch. It is planned to include these things, and more:

+Custom vaurcan vowels.

+Properly working name generator.

+Implements Vaurca Hive Network language

+Unique sprites for K'ois

+Expanded K'ois recipes.


Please also feel free to comment on the prior changes, since they are now available:

+Vaurca can have unique skin colours.

+Vaurca burn debuff reduced to x1.5 damage.

+Removed slowness debuff.

+Vaurca selection screen has a blurb + preview image.

+Machine selection screen has a preview image.

+K'ois paste has been added as an alternate to nutriment.

+K'ois candy bars as a test/unique item.

+K'ois spore packets to produce K'ois mushrooms, found in seed vendors.

+K'ois mushrooms, bioluminescent and fruitful, produce K'ois chunks.

+K'ois chunks for eating.

+Insulation is returned.

+Phoron no longer poisons them.

+Phoron will no longer damage their eyes.

+Oxygen will poison them if their breathing apparatus breaks, as well as causing them to suffocate.

+Can no longer wear normal gloves or shoes.

+Can no longer gib lesser mobs like mice.

+Fixed Vaurca profile sprite.

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I like all of it until the last one. Two pairs of legs is just...huh? Why?

I don't see the need for that, or the reason for that drastic change.

Everything else seems awesome, i approve Free electrical insulation might be a bit much though

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I love it, I think it's fantastic, I'm a huge fan of all these changes. I think this will really help to set Vaurcae aside from the other races and make them come into their own. The only further change I would suggest is the on talked about previously wherein they would be able to communicate using hive communication, sort of like lings, with other Vaurcae. Except maybe in space, depending on if it uses radio waves or Pheromones.

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Can you elaborate a little more on your plans for this hive language?

Also, i'd really like to see the warrior/worker distinction actually given some mechanical weight. maybe workers are faster, while warriors are tougher and need more food

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The Hive Network language will be exactly what has been promised since it was first considered; a hivemind language, if possible tied to the Vaurcan's neural hub organ.

Mechanical distinctions between the warriors and the workers will not likely be happening. All warriors on the station are assumed to be of the lowest, most 'civilian' tier, devoid of any of the complex biomechanics of more advanced types. The only distinction between the two is player-driven, namely that workers should not be frequently engaging in combat except for self-defense. These distinctions are of course more severe for the Bound and less severe for the Unbound.

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