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[Denied] Reed Taylor's Custom Hailer

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BYOND Key: The Stryker

Character name: Reed Taylor

Item name: Custom Hailer

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Reed Taylor is a mute and therefore cannot communicate at a good pace with his coworkers. Although PDA messages and sign language exist, the availability of these two methods is questionable with ion storms and non-knowledgable crewmates. He therefore made a small hailer-like device with text-to-speech to communicate.

Item function(s): Functions like a megaphone without the loud effect that speaks GalCom. It would be nice if it also used "states" instead of say to show that it is a flat robo text-to-speech voice.

Item description: A hailer-like device with a keypad.

"Taylor-Fredericks Robotics" is stamped near the keypad.

Item appearance: A hailer with a dark science purple stripe across and a holo-keypad.


Additional comments: It would be extremely ineffective at transmitting messages (Ingame misspelling of words, or even wrong words being typed in) because of the customizations and so that Reed's muteness isn't completely disregarded.

(Not sure if the sprite is good for SS13 because I just got the hailer sprite from a wiki and edited it from there, tell me if you need it in .dmi format.)

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If I recall correctly, one of the IC requirements of being hired on a NanoTrasen space station/facility was being able to speak and understand Tau Ceti Basic at a basic/understandable level. I know I've seen one or two characters that are mute or cannot talk for other reasons (One was autistic), but I do think this should be considered (Unless it's changed and I'm not aware).

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