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How many Military cats are there?

<t>How many of you play Tajarans in the military?</t>  

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Since I can't make a poll in general, even though the description of the forum says its for polls, Im making it here. Before you read on, I want to ask that ever answer the question seriously, and that you keep meme replies to a minimum. Thank you.

I want to know how many Tajaran there are, active or not, are now, or previously were in the Republic's military alone, not any other factions in the Second Adhomai Civil War. Call it stat collecting. This poll will be going for a week from when it's posted, so I hope I can collect enough information. If you know someone who might have a Tajaran military member, please point them out to this for me.

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In this approved lore, a PRA unit deployed on Moghes to assist with human and Skrell evacuations.

Let the record show that Operation Vaginas is basically canon, as the Overseers of 2/3 involved parties fucking love parts of it. Unless of course we don't, in which case I'm lying.


I might do a short story involving one of the incidental engagements between the Task Force and the Moghean Taliban.

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