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Make Hallucinations use Located sounds


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Normally 3D Sounds would be the term, but since we're in a twodimensional environment, i'm not sure that fits. I'm used to working in 3D engines

Right now, as far as i can tell, hallucinations use 2D (or 1D?) sounds. That is, the sounds are just played straight to the user, and not modified or offset. They play at full volume equally from both speakers, and as a result they sound like they're happening right ontop of you

This can be startling the first few times it happens, but you quickly get used to it and tune it out. The fact that the sounds are happening right ontop of you is an easy way to tell that it's not real, and i think that kind of defeats the purpose.

I'd propose instead, that these sounds are triggered on a location. In the case of airlock sounds, gunshots, etc, they can sound like they came from somewhere just offscreen, which will make you want to go see what happened.

In the case of explosions, i think they should usually be far away. Use the distant echoing explosion sound that we hear when a bomb goes off in science, rather than an obnoxious explosion-right-ontop-of-you sound.

The idea here, is to make hallucinations more convincing, to make it harder to tell what's real and what's not.

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<1% is a massive understatement. Hallucinations make an appearance quite often. Whenever some newbie engineer looks into the supermatter without goggles, or whenever some chemist poisons people with mindbreaker, when the supermatter blows, or when a changeling runs around stinging people

The changeling part is most important, making those hallucinations more convincing means more opportunities for chaos

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It would take rewriting the entire sound system for such a tiny thing it really woulsn't be worth it.


I doubt that, we already have location-based sounds. If you have a pair of speakers setup, you can hear exactly where something is coming from.

The sound just needs to be played at a different location

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Here we go:http://www.byond.com/docs/ref/info.html#/sound/var/xyz

You don't have to completely rewrite or spawn anything, it seems pretty simple

Actually byond looks like it has some pretty deep sound functions.

There's nothing impossible about this and no technical reason it can't be done, as far as i can tell

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Term you're probably looking for is stereo sound. Also yeah this sounds nice but the effort requires means it seems more like a backburner/side-project than something that actively needs adding.


I'm extremely confident that the effort required is minimal. Very minimal. It will require changing about eight lines of code, adding none at all. Adding in randomly generated X/Y offsets for sounds should be a 10 minute job. The support for stereo sound already exists, the Sound function is ridiculously deep and full featured

I'll see about doing it myself and submitting a pull request after the next update

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