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[ADDED]Tajaran Naval Changes

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Military Structure

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2441

Region of Space: S'Rend'Marr

Controlled by (if not a faction): The Republic of Adhomai/Juldra Khanmrrara

Other Snapshot information: Re-done military structure for the navy of the Republic of Adhomai so they aren't just a copy of other Navies in the universe.

These documents will be in the past, except for the "Taj Talk" transcript, so check the dates.

Long Description:

Adhomai Chronicles news story about the formation of the Navy under President Hadii. Link in the story leads to another document.

Adhomai Chronicles news story on Juldra's public address to the press and Navy.

Taj Talk guest staring Juldra talking about the navy and himself.

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I'm not sure we want the Tajaran navy to be "a force to be reckoned with" yet.

They're not very experienced in space exploration and their personality as a race is that of opportunism and speed, not of supersonic mega death rays, and the like.

At this moment in time their space program is actually so cheap that they have like one or two rickety ships that were created mainly through human technology and ideas, not Tajaran ones, making them not at all fit for Tajaran use.

Why do you think the Tajara should receive a big upgrade in their space-military hardware?

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Well, I don't. No where in this did I say I wanted the Tajarans to have a random, magical bolstering in their forces, or giving them deathrays and the like. You'll even the type of this suggestion says "Military Structure" not, "Military Upgrade." This is just some patriotic flabbergast like Hadii telling people not to humanize themselves and differentiate themselves from the human more.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

This isn't about their forces it's about their names and titles and classifurcations.

I think it's neat! Not sure where we can portray it on the wiki in a way that is not cumbersome; a seperate paged linked to from the main tajara page could be good.

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Wowee! Tomorrow sure turned out to be... uh... five months later. I like the core of this application, but I will be giving it some buffing and polishing around the rougher edges to better fit into the military lore. So, for the most part accepted but not as-is. I'll be giving this the processing tag.

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