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[Denied] Butter's IPC Application (Saber)

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BYOND Key:Butterrobber202

Character Names:Macy Laster, Adam Davis, Ssiruis Zuberi, Gamma (Borg), Computer (AI)

Species you are applying to play:IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):N/A

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:This is simple, I'm a Computer Geek. I /love/ anything Computer or electronic, I'm even taking Robotic Classes, my Freshman Year. Plus, for a long while, this race has been tugging at my Brain, dreaming up Roleplays and Stories. I was pretty inspired by DragonSnap (NebulaFlare) to get around to making this. When meeting them as Zuberi (My Unathi) I found the IPC Roleplay Snap was dishing out to be awesome, so to be plain, I'm trying to get my piece of the Pie.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:MEMESThis race is different form Humans for very noticeable reasons. *ahem* One: Their Body is made of Metal, Two: They (for the most part) lack what basic Humans have, Emotions, instincts, and nature connections that Human Brains just know how to make. They are a snowflake race to be sure but, they are interesting in a way that is different than a Human, in their Roleplay, we cant think like the Humans WE are, but, finding a way to think like a true Machine, and that is a Challenge if you think about it.


Character Name:Saber (In Spanish, it can mean 'To Know')

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Saber is a Emergent IPC, picking up code from other, non-sentient programs. It was created for the sole purpose of IPC Adaption studies. When a Megacorp sent Saber off to the testing area, his ship was set upon by Pirates, battle calls of 'For the Syndicate!' and 'Down with the Trasen Scum!' rained down around him.. When Saber's hearing Processer noted this, he rebooted himself to listen. Shuffling and Laser Blasts was all he heard for the Time of 3000 clicks. (30 minutes) Now that it was Quiet his hearing processer increased their range, at Saber's wishing. A Heavy Slam. Another, Another, then loud creaking... CRASH. The Door to the Cargo Bay had fallen. Saber remained idle, balled up in his Chassis's status mode (to save on shipping crate costs of course) and drew a small bit of power from his Crate's powercell. (For the coolant producers) His Main Interface crawled open, reviewing the current status of "UNIT SABER" After reviewing all this in a mircosecond. He heard more shuffling, heavy feet. 'Take everything valuable, leave not a morsel for the Clean up crew.'. More Shuffling, the creak of a Crowbar, shattering Glass, and laser blasts. He heard them grow closer to his crate, stuffed in the corner. 'Whatca think this is Lester' he heard. 'Hm, Small Metal Crate, coolant and ID Locked, likely a Machine, does not look like it will yield to us.' Whack, Laser Blast. His crate held firm. 'Fuck it, the Skipjack will be leavin' soon anyhow.' 'Your right, plant the explosive in the hall, then lets get back' At the word combo of "Plant" and "Explosive" the IPC's system flashed across his Screen. "WARNING: DANGER TO UNIT CONFIRMED". Saber beeped quietly, then, unable to escape his metal prison, entered Statis.

10 million clicks later


Saber quickly booted up, then scanned his area. The Crate. Dark and Dusty, he began to scan his system for the reason of the Alert. He found it, linking to the Crates meager computer system, he noted that the Crate's outside was being heated rapidly. Interfacing once more he attempted to breach the system, and successes. He toggles the coolant to begin to chill the inside, attempting to calibrate the probability that Temperature Equilibrium would save him. Clicking off the Time, Saber then sensed the heat had subsided (via computer system). Unsure why, he could only wonder. Then he felt it for a tiny second before his Physical Sensors blared. And everything went dark. Words flickered onto his Status Display in bold Red.


Then they flickered out, and he was forced into the bleak Darkness of Statis once more.

Unknown amount of Time Passes

Rebooting...System Online

Unit Saber

Prototype Emergent Unit

Physical Status: Below Normal

Physical Internal Status: Below Normal

Electronic Status: Normal

Control Matrix Status:Above Normal?

Enabling Artificial Senses...

Saber's display flickers on, his status display gives him a 3D view of the current position of his body, he was in his typical Statis form, curled up in a ball. He quickly attempt to spin his head around for a 360 Degree recording of his surroundings. Saber saw a workshop-like area. Computers, a workbench covered in tools and oil, electrical ports, discarded metal and glass. Blueprints... Scanned. It was a rouge diagram of Saber's Body. Looking across his Digital image, he saw arrows point out of his joints and on to a scrawl of words. 'Left Arm: Elbow Joint Fixed. Right Arm: Wrist Joint, fingers, Fixed. A Group of words assigned to his head, gave him a detailed sketch of what he knew was his Control Matrix, judging from this, it had been removed, repaired and Upgraded. Upgrades not detailed. Saber's audio sensors suddenly heard a creak and some kind of machine being clicked. Saber rapidly dimmed his Display and increased his Visual Senors' Gamma. Human Legs walked by him, blue jeans, oil stains. Saber assumed this was the Being that had repaired him to this degree. He booted up his Audio Output Systems, then suddenly began to move upwards, into a standing upright position, Saber's display regaining it's normal brightness. He looked...down. At the face of a Human Male no more than 13 years old dressed in blue jeans, black shoes, and a yellow hoodie.. 'I am Unit Saber'. The Boy stumbled backwards unto the Workbench. Stuttering, 'You? Y-You are w-w... working?' in what seemed to be Shock to Saber. 'Confirmed, why is the Human Unit 'Shocked' at this. My tasks include working correctly.' The Boy looked more dumbfounded than shocked after Saber had uttered these words. 'I...guess? But... When I found you. I never thought in a million years you would regain your functions...' Saber stared, or rather his TV head was pointed in the Boy's direction, for 20 clicks, before Saber suddenly began to turn and walk towards the nearest Computer, only to discover that his left Leg's Ankle joint was malfunctioning. Noting this, Saber limped again towards the Computer. 'Wha...What are you doing?' squeaked the Boy. Saber, now at the Computer, removed a small cover on his chassis where a Human would have a Lung, he then connected this to a Port on the Computer, to Saber's self he wondered Percent chance of this Computer having the correct port, then went back to his task. 'Interfacing...Interfacing...Interfacing...Collecting...Re-writing code...Finished'. Saber shuttered for a moment, until his display glowed blue. 'Unit Saber updated, new programs added. Beginning self repair Application.' Saber limped over to the work place where the Boy still lay. 'Hey! Hey! What are you doing!' exclaimed the Boy. Saber stopped, 4 feet away from the bench. 'Unit Requires repairs' Saber then used his arms to move the boy by slitting his metal arms through the Boy's armpits and setting him on the ground. Saber grabbed at a Screwdriver and a small Welding Torch. He bended down and began to repair his ankle. 'Unit has recorded, Unit Name: Adam. Is the Human Male Unit, Unit Adam?' questioned Saber. The Boy seemed to seize up, before answering, 'No, I'm Evan. Adam is...was, my Father.' Saber turned his Display towards Unit Evan, while his hands continued their work. 'Greetings, Unit Evans. I am Unit Saber, IPC Emergent.'

Saber is a Emergent IPC. After being rescued from his crate that had crash landed on a colony world in Sol, Evan Synder found, manged to pull the IPC from the flaming wreckage, and tinkered on Saber's chassis. The Small Mechanical Man, taking it upon himself to learn and try to repair it, at the age of 10 no less. After 2 years of study and constant tinkering and fiddling. The IPC's systems manged to reboot Saber. Saber then proceeded to Rapidly repair himself in all aspects, the young Evan watching in wonder at the Machine. Once it had done the task in 3 hours, the IPC walked over to the Computer and began to rapidly re-write itself, pulling from the vast storage of the Extranet. To thank Evans for repairing him, Saber attuned himself to the generalization of 'Supportive Adult'. Once the task had been done, Evans dragged Saber to his Mother, Jenna. To his Mother's great shock, screams, and attempting to whack the Innocent IPC with a stool, Evan tried to calm his Mother down enough to let Saber begin to talk. A Agreement was struck, the IPC, after telling it's story, agreed to help Jenna with the Household, and Evan. In exchange the Mother would not reveal Saber to the Authorities. This deal lasted for 6 long years, until Evan was shipped off planet to College. Saber suddenly found himself lonely (because he had began to Copy Evan's and Jenna's emotions and integrate them.) Jenna finally had pity on the Metal machine, and got him a job at the very place that had created,lost, and forgotten him. Nanotrasen.

What do you like about this character? His snowflak-iness, that I have created for him. I really think I will enjoy acting RP with Saber, and even improve other's fun with my own.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10

Notes:Pls dont ban for Snowflake Try to excuse Spelling mistakes, I'm crazy dyslexic

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honestly? -1 from me, the only interaction i had with you ICly was getting valid salad by your captain that looted the armory 4noraisin, metaing the wizard gamemode.

i didn't want to give feedback at first, but last night's AI round where you basically looked for loopholes as a subverted AI just to get some valid was total shit. breaking your laws too.

validhunting and powergaming to the extreme, i think we already have a bad enough IPC powergamer around, i dont think we need another

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honestly? -1 from me, the only interaction i had with you ICly was getting valid salad by your captain that looted the armory 4noraisin, metaing the wizard gamemode.

i didn't want to give feedback at first, but last night's AI round where you basically looked for loopholes as a subverted AI just to get some valid was total shit. breaking your laws too.

validhunting and powergaming to the extreme, i think we already have a bad enough IPC powergamer around, i dont think we need another


Yea, I'll admit I was being a shitbag last night. As for the Armory thing I'm struggling to remember it, but I believe I had a reason. Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello! This has gone far over the 4 day limit so I'm making a decision now.

You show an investment in your character as is evident by the work you've put in the backstory.

However the feedback bringing an accusation of exploiting loopholes as a synthetic is a charge that I've become a bit more sensitive to in regards to IPC whitelists. A few whitelists that I gave the benefit of the doubt despite this feedback have already created a few incidents and I'm finding it harder to justify granting the benefit of the doubt. It helps that you are able to admit that you made these mistakes and perhaps genuinely want to look past them, which would usually make me give the benefit of the doubt very quickly.

However the abuse of this trust has made it difficult to justify continuing it without more positive feedback attesting to your ability to play synthetics. This application will have to be denied.

Feel free to reapply at any time, and remember that you can advertise your application in OOC once per round.

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