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LemonTheFruit Unban Request [RESOLVED]

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BYOND Key: LemonTheFruit

Total Ban Length: 7200 minutes.

Banning staff member's Key: UnknownMurder

Reason of Ban: (You can see this when you attempt to log in to the server) https://gyazo.com/ef9569e6ae2040d8e275998a23ed4b45

Reason for Appeal: What occurred does not warrant the length of the ban given. I will give a full rundown of the exchange, I agree I was in the wrong, but this length is ridiculous.

Part one: https://gyazo.com/5a1e7a1d7cf042e05a86d2c0cd1bbcc9

Part two: https://gyazo.com/9db9f327ebcd5e16e68ce24106be2e0a

Part three: https://gyazo.com/26e1bafcb9fa4f55afb8d63f2d83de0d

(You can see in part two that PAL did attempt to get security alerted, something I neglected to mention while talking to Alberyk)

I agree my escalation was poor, by server definition. What occurred had nothing violent occur, it was merely a calculated method of disabling. This length of the ban is ridiculous.

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The reason the group came after me, is because I had the AI bolt xenobio, and then welded the door, because of the massive slime outbreak. I then teleported Emery out of xenobio, in order to keep her from getting eaten. She grew agitated while within the chamber, and was warned multiple times that they would be subdued, if they did not desist. I did this, and then sent them to medical.

N2O is an anesthetic, and causes no damage, besides putting them unconscious. They were out of play for around 45-60 seconds at most.

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Im siding with lemon today, as I observed and assume that these two are being low-ish RPers, metagaming, and general terrible players. Lemon escalated to high I think, but I mean, I would of done the same in his shoes. They were being idiots. While the AI and Security was dealing with the Heist round, they were /demanding/ All attention on them to solve their problems, and have the crew kill the slimes for them.

Does he deserve the ban? Yes.

Does he deserve a long ban? No

One? Two days? Maybe.

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I'll love to explain the points you keep avoiding in the discussion and you brought up the TLDR; for "I would like to speak to your supervisor." when I do not believe I am eligible to permit someone to MESS with the atmospheric. Alberyk explained it to you.

Let me point this out, you were mainly banned for:

1. Messing with Atmospheric System (Nitrogen Oxide [Laughing/Sleeping Gas]) without Moderator/Admin's Permission TWICE in one shift. Having two crazy people who has low RP, and such does not exempts you from the rules. You should have adminhelped. It doesn't matter if it's anesthetic or not.

2. Jumping right ahead to gassing without calling for Security.

Generally, people were warned for this before. I am looking at the notes, this is not your first time doing it.

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I did attempt to have security alerted. View part two. Back to my point. Five days for a single room? The spirit of that rule is to stop people from killing a large number of people, clearly.

I also explained to Alberyk why I wanted to speak to someone higher.

I am not asking to be unbanned, I know I'm in the wrong, but the amount of punishment being handed out is absurd.

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Alright, I'll give some thoughts.

I'm in those screenshots posted, I'm the Diona. I was legitimately frustrated at the way those two girls treated generally everyone in the game during that round. Not only have they proven to me that they're metagaming up the wazoo, but they're absolutely disgusting about it. (I've got some things I'm going to add in here after this round is over.) I know the admins have logs of it, fine. I guess tone isn't a punishable offense. But Jesus Christ. Calling the AI for help enough to warrant the AI saying something like: "I'm cutting you off, please stop. I'm actually trying to help people who need help."? No. That's not okay.

Here's my main thought though instead of just rambling. Does he deserve punishment? Sure. Yes, he does. He gassed them and that's against the rules. Does he deserve a five day ban? No. I don't think so. He gassed them with, as he said, something that isn't harmful to them.

I think context is an important thing to consider here, so I'll give some. First off, the girls were acting like somebody was holding their beloved family dog of eight years hostage and was threatening to burn him alive with big-bad-painful-acid-juice. In reality.. ALL Palos did was weld the Xenobiology doors shut. That's it. You know what the girls could have done instead of going up to Palos and I and demanding he unweld the doors, threatening us with deleting the entirety of the R&D data, wiping Palos' GPS, and taking all of the bluespace crystals? They could have, both of them by the way since I 100% believe they were Skyping or something throughout this, "say";Hey can I get an engineer or someone to unweld the Xenobiology door? Palos is being a big guy about it and we just want to work on our job that we've already failed horribly at.". Could have been a good choice, but it wasn't a good choice at all.

Yes, I'm upset. Both sides were in the wrong, and Palos broke a server rule. That's about it.

You can't threaten to set your whole department back because of a welded door.

Edit: As I said I would I'm going to add something a few staff members even witnessed. I know Taintedglory saw it, as he was actively advocating for their ban. Last night, at around 2AM in my time, the two girls who are in question were playing cult. This was the round after Palos was banned, actually. It was painfully obvious they were using some kind of voice communication, unless, y'know, telepathy or something. They were entirely silent for the first 20 or 30 minutes of the game and were displaying coordination in their Xenobiology and cultist affairs regardless of their silence. I guess it's just something to add. Context is always fun.

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After reviewing your notes and the incident with the other administrators, it had been decided that a 5 day ban is a tad bit excessive. In light of this, we will be reducing the ban to 2880 minutes, or 48 hours.

The point being, you did indeed make a mistake here, and given your past notes, a ban is in order at this place. Where administration disagrees with the banning moderator, however, is with the severity. They have been spoken to regarding this. The issue is now considered closed. If you have any further comments or concerns, please PM me directly.

Thank you.

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