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Random Shuttle Events


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*The Crew Transfer Shuttle has crashed into the station. 3 minutes estimated until the shuttle explodes.

*The Crew Transfer Shuttle has arrived at the station. It was battered in an asteroid field, and must be repaired prior to takeoff.

*The Crew Transfer Shuttle has arrived at the station, but requires refueling.

Thoughts? This suggestion might spice up gameplay in an extended round, giving a goal that must be accomplished prior to leaving the game. It could also have like, a %20 chance of having an event.

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Guest Complete Garbage

What exactly would be the mechanics of each of these events? I mean, the first one, yes, it explodes, but the second two? What would you repair/how would you refuel?

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I vote no.

Usually when people call for transfer, it's because they're tired of the round and want to stop. it's not a good time to throw more stuff at them.

I'm definitely all for more random events, but not at the end of a round. if we wanted chaos at the end of a round, we wouldn't have EOR grief rules

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You could just bring phoron crystals or welder fuel to a port on the inside, to refuel? And as for the repairs, an engineer could go out with a welder and fix the walls of the shuttle. Power could be restored with a cell, too.

It's not so much chaos as a thing that has to be done. As for the explosion, the explosion could be avoided by stopping the fire inside? Or something?

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