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Captain Uriel J. Evans - N.E.C.P

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NanoTrasen Employee Connection Profile: Uriel J. Evans

The video feed opens in a large room, mainly open, the walls lined with tables, covered in tools, and parts, two busted mech suits lie in the corner, clearly just melted frames, there are some unfinished robots laying on a steel table next to them. The walls of the room look slightly reinforced, painted black with a few objects hanging here and there. Although the walls are clean, the floor is covered in some parts here and there, and oil is all over the place, dried into the floor. Before you, whoever you may be, Stands Mr. Evans, his back turned and as he fiddles with something. He sighs loudly, and clearly forgetting he got online the website. He is wearing a black jumpsuit, his favorite blue tie on the front and his red, worn out beret on his head. He sighs once more, leaning on the table to his left side. After a moment, hearing his laptop flicker behind him he turns, and rubs a rag over his forehead, he slowly speaks

"Greetings, I'm Uriel Evans, most of you see aboard the NSS Exodus as one of the Active Captains that have the honor of serving aboard the Fine Station that it is..." He takes a long pause, breathing, He then continues on "I have made this account... so that anyone who wishes to get in touch with me and ask me anything may.. Gotta Spread Knowledge around somehow.. So Ask anything... and don't be afraid too" He turns back to his work, waiting for a reply

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A few minutes after the answer Poslan logs in using his NTmail with a cam this time, watching the screen and laughing under his his breath. "You're always so fun to joke with Uriel. Only captain with a sense of humor he says. He has a question though. You know you can call him by his first name, right? Hell, even Possy if you want, thats a name he reserves for his good friends."

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He looks around and turns back to Isra, shrugging in reply "Well Friend... This is my room, In all of its workshop Glory" He picks the laptop up and pans it about the room, showing how clearly messy it is, then sets it back down, the camera facing him again
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Arrkady Tsyrrkunov signs on video chat, behind him is a pink wall with flower patterns and a large shelf of plushies,including a life-sized Officer Sweepsky, a few diona nymphs, and a lizard. "He grrreets frrrom his daughterrr's rrroom, is this thing on? He wants to know if you and Isabella arrre loverrrs, he thinks he can smell it frrrom a verrrst away. Have yourrr parrrents arrrranged a prrroperrr marrrriage?"
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"Aaaaactually, with the whole new Navy stuff going on, and the civil war, and Dorn pulling protection from Adhomai... Eh... Maybe take a wide berth of Adhomai Naval Space, to be safe, friend." Poslan takes a second to face away from the camera and say a few heated words to himself in Siik'maas before looking back at the camera, "Yeah, be safe like that. He doesn't want to even think about putting you in any danger like that for him-" He pauses as a third joins the chat, ending the sentence with a groan as he hear Arrkady go on.

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He sighs, Hearing Arrkady, and leans back in his chair, shaking his head "Hey Arrkady... Me and Isabella are NOT lovers" He makes sure to stress the NOT and smiles "We also don't plan to be, we are just really good friends and thats how we wish to keep it, so no we aren't getting married, Arrkady, thanks though for asking" He tries very hard to hide his annoyance from his two friends, then returning to his topic with Isra "Safe? Ha! But anyway, Yeah I will be safe, I promise"
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He blinks slowly and stares at Poslan, replying "We just don't want to be a relationship, we are fine as good friends, and that is how we shall keep it Possy" He turns back to what he is working on, a small little CLEAN BOT, waiting for the comeback of a life time
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Poslan removes his beret for a moment, holding it to his chest as he says, "Rest in Puns Arrkady." After that joke was done he replaces that hat on his head, and nods to the camera. "Yeah, he knows what you mean. He likes Arrkady, but he's a little... Old fashioned. Also possible closeted, but he can't really tell." He shrugs his shoulder to top off that sentence, and then replies to his question, "Yeah, thats why he said ARRK-ready, not ready. Maybe he should have made that more clear."

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"Speaking of closeted, what about you? Are you, uh... You know, uh... You know, 'normal,' or, the other thing, when it comes to, you know, liking people?" His face dropped down really quiet during parts of the sentence, and he was looking over his shoulders during the pauses.

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He sighs softly, replying "Possy... I like females... I do not find sexual attractions to males of my, or any species.." He looks slightly confused and then turns around as man, in a Security like uniform comes in, The two engage in conversation for a brief moment, then Evans returns to his seat, looking at the Camera "Sorry about that"
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