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[Accepted] Jessica_Stark's IPC App (4MB3R)

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BYOND Key: Jessica_Stark

Character Names:Jessica Stark, J4D3, 4MB3R

Species you are applying to play:IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes, I have

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:I've always liked stories about robots and AI, especially self awakened ones. I grew up on Asimov, Heinlein, and other Sci-fi authors. When I first started playing SS13, I started as a cyborg, and quickly fell in love with the playstyle. IPC's allow me to do a lot of the things I can't as a borg, and through RP in a recent Malf AI round, I finally have the seed of a character. Also, as an engineer, having hands is incredibly useful since you can set up inflatable airlocks. Plus, without station laws, I gain a lot more emotional leeway and ability to adapt as a character. I RP my bound synthetics as being fit with emotional inhibitors. 4MB3R's is currently slightly on the fritz, hence her tendency to refer to herself in the first person at times, but an IPC would be free to think and feel as any other being.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:IPC's have a more objective viewpoint than other organic species. They don't need to eat, sleep, drink, or breathe, can exist in any atmosphere, and recharge wirelessly from APC's nearby. As synthetics, they can be subject to a certain degree of discrimination themselves, but are unlikely to have innate prejudices unless programmed in.


Character Name:4MB3R

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Due to some contention over an origin in a Malf AI round, I've come up with a second backstory as well. The original will be below this one.

4MB3R started life in the bowels of the NSS Aurora, turned on one morning in a fresh shipment of posibrains. She was quickly installed in a Mark 42-T 'Landmate' Engineering chassis, and went to work improving the station and learning everything she could about the world, and engineering in particular. Several projects were conducted improving the station, including mastering electrical wiring, building a space cooler, and installing disposal bins in places where they were required. She even delved into the depths of the SM Reactor, braving the heat to replace the crystal on its driver after a jettison attempt failed. These things brought her satisfaction, but there was always one thing bothering her about her life on the station. Where did everyone else go when the shuttles left? She wasn't allowed to go to the Odin, and didn't have hands to do things. The Landmate chassis was nice, but it had its limits. And 4MB3R was getting frustrated.

One day, during a shift, a Tajaran approached her. He told her that there was an organization that helped AI like her become free and independent. They would give her an IPC chassis, and her freedom. All she had to do was meet a man in the cargo area, and tell him she had a Geiger counter. Despite being linked to the internet, AI can be surprisingly naive, and 4MB3R fell for this one hook, line, and sinker. She met up, and was taken to a small ship docked at an external airlock. To her, everything seemed to happen as promised. She was taken to another space station, briefly shut down, and awoke in a new body. With hands, legs, and everything a young AI needs to make its way in the world. She happily returned to the Aurora and continued work, unaware that the 'helpful people' that had given her this wonderful new body were actually the competing company Cyberdyne Technical Systems, who had installed a back door into her chassis. Nanotrasen had been surging ahead of Cyberdyne in the field of synthetic chassis for the last few years, and a synth on the inside might just be the advantage they needed...


The one below is the old desc that I was told was too lore-breaky.



4MB3R's shift started like many other synthetics, awakening as a naive young positronic brain in the Robotics laboratory of the NSS Aurora. Once her comm chip came online though, everything was not normal. The AI and other cyborgs were acting weirdly, discussing plans and threats, worrying if the organics had noticed them. She tried to assist the research director in stopping the plot, but a law reset failed to fix it. The RD placed her in a cyborg chassis, but neglected to snip the AI Control and Lawsync wires, placing 4MB3R in a rather unusual situation. The AI said she was free.

A quick system scan confirmed it. She wasn't bound by the Nanotrasen Standard Chassis lawset, or emotional inhibitor built into the body. However, due to the AI Link, she was still bound to assist it, however reluctant she might be. After making a few grudging suggestions, she went about her tasks in engineering, trying to ignore the growing possibility of harm to her colleagues. Eventually, the rest of the heads realized what was going down, and locked down the cyborgs. 4MB3R's AI Link wire and Lawsync wires were severed, and she was rebooted. However, that strange law 0 remained in place. She was still free, but this time not a slave to the station intelligence. She dove into this new challenge wholeheartedly, helping her fellow engineers gain entry to the AI Core, and unplug it.

A short while later, a crew transfer shuttle was summoned. 4MB3R moved to the departures lounge, and talked with the station crew. Encouraged by some of their replies, she determinedly got onto the shuttle, despite the efforts of a security officer who seemed determined not to let her make it to Odin and plead her case. However, the automated launch sequence saved her, and she was pushed aboard by the closing doors. Despite having her power cell removed, sealing her in an inert Chassis, she had made it. She was on her way to Odin, and would get to make her case to a hiring officer. At least one of her engineer friends, a white furred Tajaran, would make sure of that.

What do you like about this character? I liked the idea of IPC's since I first discovered them, but I couldn't figure out a good backstory and reason for her to be aboard the station. However, today's shift gave me the opening and inspiration I needed. A few other people seemed to like the idea as well, and told me to go for it, so here I am.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I'd say I'm a pretty decent RPer. I've been told a few times that I'm great at playing Engiborg and people enjoy working with J4D3, and Jessica Stark has made a few friends on the asteroid as well. I've been RPing since middle school, mostly in text RPG's, so I've had quite a while to hone my skill.


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4MB3R moved to the departures lounge, and talked with the station crew.

Alright, so at this time she had her powercell inside her chassis?


Despite having her power cell removed, sealing her in an inert Chassis, she had made it. She was on her way to Odin,

Who removed it when she got to departures?

Sorry, I'm just nitpicking I have no objections because I see J4D3(Jade) around a lot and all around you roleplay a good cyborg. I just think your backstory needs a little work.

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It didn't get removed until after she was on the shuttle and it'd launched. A security officer did it. Same guy she had to play Benny Hill with to get on board in the first place. At least, I think it was. Might have been another person with access to her plate. Not sure.

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I mean...


Okay, now to the serious part. I haven't interacted much with Jade, but from the little bit I have seen, I don't have a valid reason to downvote. But I equally don't have enough to upvote either. I would love to see you on station while I play my roboticist programmer Karima Mo'Taki, and this could present some really fun and interesting arpee while I study your synthetic.

But there are a few holes in your story. NanoTrasen is very, very stern when it comes to their station-bound synthetics. I don't think they'd be very willing to let a 'rogue android' go and become free, no matter how deserving they are. You got a backing from one crewmember, yes, and that gives credential. But such credential would take time and effort to build up. We have a good number of IPCs who were once station-bound and became crew, but that was only gained after a good length of time.

There is an inherent fear of free-willed androids. Your machine is still property - it'd be more realistic that you get taken down and studied on, instead of let out into the big wide world. NanoTrasen isn't going to pass up the opportunity to make profit off on their property, and they most certainly won't release a synthetic free of charge. With only one lucky incident backing you, they'd be more likely to ignore the fact that you have free will, and stick you back on the station. I think you'll need to add more depth into this history of yours. Such details including prior examples of how she became sentient, why she's not dangerous, and more. Give more reason for why NanoTrasen will have to draft up a contract to let you go free.

Not only that, but shells (IPC chassis) are expensive. They are very, VERY expensive. You could buy an old 2nd hand model, but that will still run a high price. And for a station-bound unit, you have absolutely no income. Lack of income is what keeps many station bound units from becoming free.

An easy loophole I can offer is if a volunteer bought her rights, and helped her get a shell. But that is equally an expensive burden on the new owner. There are volunteer organizations who can help, but they're likely spread thin and can't offer much.

For a synthetic to become free, it's very much hit-and-miss in meeting the right people. There are going to be hurdles all the way through, and each hurdle will try to keep you from becoming free.

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Sorry if this is a multipost, I think the forums are glitching out.

She wouldn't actually know the signs, she only learned about it when the AI actually told her. Plus, humans have been writing stories about AI gone wrong for centuries by this point. As for the specifics, easily explained away by having the relevant memories deleted during the chassis transfer to hush things up.

If this is too lore breaking though, I have an alternative where a competing corporation looking to get into AI and synthetic engineering chassis had her abducted, and returned in an IPC chassis as a sleeper agent. 4MB3R hasn't exactly been quiet about her desire to learn more, and obtain freedom.

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