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Can I seriously get some help here, is this happening to anyone else


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A few weeks ago something weird has started occurring for me in ss13: CONSTANT LAGGING IN AND OUT, and LAG IN GENERAL. I want to know if this is happening for anyone else. It seems to be client-side. It's gotten so bad that the game is almost unplayable for me now (and it's ONLY ss13 that does this, none of my other online games do this). I'll constantly lock in place, and a few seconds later be at the end of the hallway, or completely lag out of the game and back in repeatedly (I've counted this happen up to THIRTEEN TIMES one round). It's really getting under my skin and I would hate to have to leave because of this. I just wanted to know if this is happening to anyone else and if so, did you fix it at all?

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I am on the current version of BYOND. My connectivity issues is as stated above- I will drop out of the game multiple times during a round. And when I am not getting dropped, I lock up in place for several seconds before I'm on the other side of the screen (as I stated above).

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Do you happen to have Avast? Or any other firewall preventing you from sustainably playing a round of SS13?

I do have avast, but I've had it forever and SS13 was running flawlessly a few weeks ago.


What other online games are you playing that do not receive any lagging effects whatsoever?

Some examples of online games I've been playing recently are TFC, Terraria, Minecraft, SR3

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I recommend trying to disable your Avast shields temporarily while playing BYOND and/or set the permissions to not block or restrict BYOND (via setting an exclusion for dreamseeker.exe.) Unless you click malicious links in OOC, it shouldn't have any drawbacks whatsoever.

Issue from since 509 that hasn't been fixed. Maybe try that.

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