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Staff Complaint: Kaedwulf

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BYOND Key: MrSmooooth

Staff BYOND Key: Kaedwulf

Reason for complaint: Massive grief, by detonating a welder bomb in the central primary hallway of the station. This led to the currently unpowerd station losing all atmosphere, and killing literally everyone on the server with the exception of about 5 people, who had void/hardsuits or a mech.

Evidence/logs/etc: Here are the logs from my perspective for that round. He admits his actions in deadchat. Server logs can corroborate around 12:30 AM EDT, 31st of may, 2016 http://pastebin.com/CXSjRd6w

Additional remarks:

In deadchat, Kaedwulf has stated that he was unaware his actions would cause the depressurization of the entire station. This is how he justifies his actions. This leads to two situations. First: He is unaware of basic game mechanics (Stuff does not work when unpowered), and should not be moderator. I personally refuse to believe someone in a moderator position here can be so grossly negligent. Second: He is lying through his teeth, and had malicious intent when he did this, and should not be moderator. Hanlon's Razor says that it's probably the former, but if so, then this is extreme ignorance from someone who is supposed to have an above-average at least understanding of game mechanics.

A player who undertook these actions, or other actions leading to the same result, would have eaten a ban. Hell, I've been bwoinked for far less and eaten job-bans on other servers for far less done in the name of ignorance. Kaedwulf was not playing as an antag this round, and even antags tend to be discouraged from this kind of mass slaughter. This kind of conduct cannot be condoned, from players or staff, deliberate or not.

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I'm not entirely sure this should be a staff complaint, rather than a player complaint, but either way.

As I said at the time, and as recorded in the extensive logs you have there, specifically these parts:


[Common] Ickthar Slithiss says, "All crewmemberss are encouraged to vacate the area near the janitorss office."

[Common] Ickthar Slithiss says, "Iss anyone near the janitorss office? It would be besst if you were not."

[Common] Ickthar Slithiss asks, "Everyone away from it?"

[Common] Aerianna Blackthorne says, "I believe so."


I behaved in a fashion indicating I had no intention to harm anyone, and, further, at the time I blew a hole in the wall, I could still see flashing emergency shutters around me (meaning they were still powered) - I was trapped in maintenance, with no view of how things were outside. I certainly went into the act of blowing a whole in the wall with the (incorrect) knowledge that the shutters would all deploy. When an officer refused to crowbar me out I assumed, at the time, that he was being overly cautious, and did not take his comment that I would vent the entire station very seriously. I fully admit this is my mistake. But, I don't know everything that goes on. Perhaps I could have inquired further about the state of things outside, but people were dying to mercenary attacks, and I wanted to get out to help, rather than sitting trapped in a tunnel for the rest of the round, because I did not happen to have a crowbar. It was a desperation move that went horribly wrong, not an attempt to grief the station.

However, I acknowledge that it caused a lot of problems for everyone, and I am sorry about that.

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Oh, is that what happened?

I can honestly confirm that the case Kaedwulf made was correct. He was honestly stuck and I don't believe anybody else was around to help him out as almost all of engineering were dead due to the SM blowing at the time.

This was honestly a round with the worst set of circumstances, the lack of power did not help his situation at all and I don't think he had any other choice in attempting to get out besides using welder tanks. It would be extreme under any other circumstances but in this case it was justified, he did give due warning.


But, it caused so much damage! There's no excuse for the consequences that came of this decision.


I think everyone can see that. But shit happens. Far worse has happened as a result of a single decision.

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Right, first off OP this should have been a player complaint. Staff complaints are for contesting a decision a staff member made, such as a warning or telling you not to do X. Second, do not presume what would have and what would not have resulted in a ban, You will find we are extremely lenient for legit fuckups, Almost everyone currently playing here has blown the engine at least once. I personally have done it twice during my staff tenure.

So onto the meat of this issue. I find your situations to be essentially a false dichotomy. Lots of our staff have litttle or no knowledge of many areas of the game, Game experience is a bonus and there isnt any set list of "things you need to know to be mod". What is MUCH more important is having good judgement, and knowing where to find that info. a lot of us are wiki heroes. That is hardly reason to de-mod someone. If this first situation is not true then he must have had malicious intent and is lieing in your mind. This is disproven by him clearly stating over the radio to vacate the area, Assuming someone is either incompetent or outright malicious is a questionable way to look at things. All of this stemming from you refusing to believe a mod could be so careless.

You have to remember that space station 13 is a game pretty much designed to be horrendously lethal. bombs, meteors, breaches, killer vines, clowns, changelings, nuke ops and revolutions. there are a billion different ways for you to meet your untimely demise every round and more often than not the station ends up looking like swiss cheese. Isnt it more reasonable to chalk this up to bad call and move on?

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