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Let Unathi gain food/nutrition/whatever from devouring mobs

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So, currently if I really wanted to then I could break into the HoP's office and eat his prized Corgi, Ian, as muh lizard-man, the entire corgi.

((This is a lie, Corgis are classified as too big, but it makes a decent example.))

Now, aside from getting me lynched by the crew and beaten by a grief-stricken HoP/Captain, this would not provide me any benefits, eating a bag of jerky provides more nutrition than eating a chicken, corgi, or crab, obviously this makes no sense.

So I propose getting nutriment from devouring stuff, although I don't into code this could perhaps be done by giving Unathi a set amount of nutriment after completing a "devour" action, but they should get food off the action one way or another anyways.

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I also say we return the ability to eat monkies.

No pls that's a separate suggestion make your own thread this one is mine.


You mean they don't gain nutrition from it?

Last night I ate a chicken from cargo, aside from making the Quartermaster upset until I paid him for it it didn't give me anything.

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Currently the only thing eating does or unathi is put the mob inside your body.

Like, treats your body as a container for the mob, which is impossible to get out. No nutriment, just a bunch of mice you ate appearing whenever you try to use the give command.

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