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Nerf Vending Machines


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My proposal is simple. Lets remove 65% of the contents of each vending machine (by reducing the quantity of each item, not removing any specific items entirely)

I believe this would encourage greater participation in the various other means of getting food:

-If there's a chef, people will be more likely to visit the kitchen and order things there.

-If there is no chef, Someone can apply for kitchen access, or ask the AI to let them in, or occasionally just break through the window, in order to act as the chef and make food for the crew. Cooking is a skill a lot of characters have as a matter of general life experience.

-People can grow their own fruits and vegetables in the public garden.

-Cargo can order pizza surprise packs, or kitchen supply crates if someone will cook

-Chemistry can produce synthmeat

-Virology and science can bring their monkeys to the meat spike for food use

-Unathi can go hunting for little edible creatures in the maintenance ducts (i know this doesn't give nutrition now, but i'm fixing it)

-Or in an emergency, people can start raiding the drink dispensers for cups of sugar

With a third of what they have now, vending machines would still act as a reasonable supplement for busy workers, but they'd be more likely to run out if everyone starts relying on them

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This won't make people go to the chef, it'll just make even more prone to stealing donut boxes.

People don't go to the chef because,

A: There's no chef (Or the chef fucked off)

B: Why bother walking over when there are closer sources of food (Donuts, Sugar dispensers, Vending Machines)

C: They're busy or their head forbids them from going on breaks (Most HoS players)

D: They're going to be there a total of 10 seconds anyways because you immediately fill up on two slices of pizza as though your character has the stomach of a toddler

The only way the chef is getting any business is if he merges with the bar, ex: Goon's diner mapping style where they share a counter.

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