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Just joined the server, not a griefer, just trying to switch stations.

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okay, so, first things first,



seriously, its awful, just like the Yawn-wider station that runs it.

(so many griefers... EVERYWHERE! and no one stops them! MADNESS)

I didn't get banned but i definitely don't like it there anymore. Its too silly and non-serious and no one acts like death matters on that server.

Sorry, rambling.

Anyway, I'm here to get white-listed for my character roles

I would like to be white-listed for the Tajaran species selection, and i would like a white-list for the Chief Medical Officer position as its the role I'm most experienced playing and its the character canon for my sona.

And of course it goes without saying that I will not use this role to abuse chem, I will not misuse the role to poison people, and i obviously wont be griefing in any way whatsoever.

Byond code: Zakumei47

Character name: Natalie Gywurvek

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