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Kathleen Bullards left glove

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BYOND Key: Valky_Walky2

Character name: Kathleen Bullard

Item name: Kathleen Bullards left glove

Why is your character carrying said item to work? She recently lost her arm in an electrical accident and hates the fact she now has bionic. Her jumpsuit covers her arm but not the hand and so she wears a glove over it to work.

Item function(s): Its just a normal glove. Maybe it could be insulated who knows but a glove is all it really needs to be.

Item description: A pretty normal looking glove to be worn on the left hand.

Item appearance: Just looks like a normal glove. Only for one hand though.

Additional comments: Basically I kind of want this just to add a little flavour to my character. It would just be interesting and given its nature would be kinda quickly noticeable so hopefully add some stuff to talk about IC. This is my first time posting here so if I did anything wrong let me know :D

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Can't be insulated. Custom items should not give you an advantage. As for interaction, how does a glove on one hand lead to interaction? Wouldn't you just be able to get a pair of gloves from your item loadout in char creation, and then get the same effect?


Not having insulated is fine by me (she is an engineer though so insulted is extremely easy to come by if that makes a difference). The main reason I would like one handed is because when IC. Kathleen always refuses gloves because she hates working atmospherics with a glove on her "good" hand. She will mention a lot that it hinders her work which she does a lot of the time by touch.

It would, in my opinion, stand out and maybe raise a few eyebrows as to the purpose of one glove.

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